The Importance of Window Treatments


Did you know that the right window treatments could help you reduce your energy bills? Seems like utility prices are always trending up, so if you can use the right glass panes, window treatments, and window shades to cut down on energy costs, you could save a lot of money. Indeed, your window upgrades might pay for themselves.

With the right bathroom blinds and shades, you can ensure privacy while also keeping heat out in the summer and heat in come winter.

Window treatments can be applied directly to the glass. Meanwhile, you can use curtains and drapes that provide more than great looks by trapping heat or blocking sunshine.

Great curtains and shades may improve your home’s look and feel. Some beautiful roman shades can tie your office or den together. Meanwhile, bathroom window curtains for small windows can make your restrooms really stand out. Add some beautiful curtain designs for living room and you could have an attractive, cozy vibe in your home.

When looking for window shades and curtains to reduce energy costs, it’s smart to work with professionals. The right pros can help you select the best curtains, blinds, window treatments, and more. And soon, you may find yourself saving a lot on energy bills.

Are you currently interested in getting your some window treatments? Well, it is important that you do this and it is important that you take care of the windows in your home. If you do not, then you will end up having a home with expensive energy bills and more. Here are all of the facts on your windows, treatments, and automated window blinds!

Recent projects have revealed that the global market for blinds and shades is projected to hit $16.7 billion by the year 2022. People are now spicing things up with their home as well now. They want motorized blinds that move and adjust with very little work. According to Angie’s List, convenience is the number one reason homeowners switch to motorized window treatments. People are looking to spend good money on their home and this includes window treatment.

In the winter, draperies can reduce heat loss from a room up to 10%. Are you living in a home with an extremely expensive energy bill that hits your mailbox each month? Then you need to hire someone to come and inspect your windows in your home. They can take a good look at the setup of your home and will determine that many ways in which your home can be more efficient.

Typical shutters can be expected to last up to 20 years. So if you put your money into the right areas then it will pay off in the long run. You will get an amazing amount of longevity which is going to be wonderous in the long run for you as you save money over time not just by getting a long-lasting product but by reducing your energy bill as well.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, windows and doors account for approximately one-third of a home’s total thermal loss. This thermal loss is going to seriously hurt homeowners who live in an area with a harsh winter. It makes it so much harder to trap in the air over time and thus, it becomes exponentially difficult for you to get the most out of your home’s set up!

Adding a cellular shade can increase a window’s R-value from 3.5, which is the size of a standard window, to nearly 7. This is pretty impressive and just shows that one minor action can seriously improve your home. So take a good look at your window treatments so that you can get the most for your home today.

In spring 2016, about 31 million people in the United States said they live in a household that bought drapes, blinds, and other window treatments within the last 12 months. This is a solid amount of time to put in between getting window work done in your home. Have your windows inspected and maintained at least once a year for the best results.

According to the Attachments Energy Rating Council, also known as the AERC, window attachments can improve the performance of windows and save up to 13% of a household’s annual energy use. If you are someone that is interested in window additions with your window treatments then go forth with this! It will not only make your life easier, it provides style and efficiency as well!

According to the Attachments Energy Rating Council, also known as the AERC, cellular shades on a single pane window can save between $280 and $470 annually. According to the Attachments Energy Rating Council, roller shades on a single pane window can save up to $180 annually. There are plenty of reasons for you to get involved with window treatments. After all, you would want the absolute best for your home and your money!

In Conclusion

You should make taking care of your home one of the most important priorities that you have in your entire life. After all, this is the place that you are living in now and will live in for quite some time. You will not want to live in a house that has not been properly maintained. Take care of your window treatments now as opposed to waiting and dealing with serious problems later on.