9 Tips for Transforming a Tiny Yard


How can you improve your yard garden, especially if you got a small yard (and possibly a small budget)? It’s possible, and even if your backyard or yard garden are quite small, you can still enjoy gardening, landscaping, and the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle. Here are some ideas for getting the most out of small yard garden landscaping:

  • Make it seem bigger with zones. You might think that the best way to make sure there’s plenty of space is to keep the area as open as possible. In reality, it can make it seem like you got a lot more space than you really do if you divide up into different areas with clearly different functions. You might have one section with a walkway and a small garden along the path. Another area may be covered with cushioned seating for people to enjoy on those cool and rainy days. A fire pit in another section can make the yard seem far bigger than it is; plus you’ll be able to use the space at different times of year and for different functions.
  • Use bright colors in the forefront. When you put bright and eye-catching colors into the yard garden when you first step out, this will capture the eye and the attention. The bright colors make the darker colors beyond it fade back and gives the impression that there’s a lot more space than there really is.
  • Use vertical plants and not horizontal ones. Horizontal shrubs and plants will appear to take up even more space than they actually do. Taller vertical plants will give height and depth to the yard garden without eating away at your valuable space. Look into dwarf varieties at your local plant nursery that can give you the look you want without taking up all the room.
  • Give your yard garden a strong theme. If you’re a foodie, make your garden the perfect place to hang out and eat. If you’ve got kids, consider designing a special family space with distinct areas for them to play and for you all to eat together. If you love an evening fire, design your yard garden around the fire pit and make it a truly special space people will want to go to.
  • Use texture to make things seem larger. If you have a boring wooden fence or even concrete wall at the back of your property, consider putting a fence made of stone-filled wire mesh. This texture change makes things feel softer. Don’t be afraid of tropical plants, either, as the large leaves and unique look can add depth and eye-tricking texture to even a small space.
  • Make space where there was none. Do you avoid hanging out in your yard because you feel like you have no privacy? Do away with the simple, uninspired lawn and instead use panels of glass, woven plants, and the right types of shrubs to give yourself a bit of privacy from the street or the sidewalk. Suddenly, you’ve got more yard garden that you feel like using.
  • Use light judiciously. Using some off lighting, and particularly path lighting, can make your yard garden feel more welcoming as well as feel larger. Lighting can also be used to strategically create shadows and give the impression of more space off in the distance.
  • Use a water fixture to add interest and impact. Even a small water feature or fountain in your yard or garden can let you use some of the vertical space without taking up horizontal space. It’ll also add depth and interest to your space.
  • Put in some hanging plants. Not all your plants have to go in the ground! If you hang some plants in colanders you open up space while still enjoying all that the outdoors has to offer. Plus, you can use the colors and designs on the colanders to create visual impact that will make your space seem more enjoyable.

Don’t let your yard garden go to waste. Even if it’s small, you can still make some big changes so that you and your family can enjoy the space for years to come.