Tips to Eliminate Ground Squirrels Around your Home


There are a variety of pesky critters and animals that can drive homeowners crazy. Gophers are one who inflict pain and frustration on homeowners, probably because there are 34 different species, they live up to three years and tunnel your yard to make their homes. Yes gophers can be bothersome and irritable, but they aren’t the only things that can wreak havoc on your yard. Squirrels may not make their homes in the ground, but they can cause just as much damage and be just as irritating as gophers.

While it can be tempting to consider squirrel bait poison, ground squirrel poison or ground squirrel traps when asking yourself how to trap ground squirrels or how to get rid of ground squirrels, keep in mind that there could be simpler options before resorting to that. Simple steps may not allow you to completely get rid of ground squirrels, but they can help remedy the problem and let you know if you have a bigger problem which require the assistance of professionals.

Their Food

Much of the things that squirrels eat fall from the tree. While you can’t necessarily get all of the nuts off the tree, you can get rid of the ones that fall on the ground and attract the squirrels. Regular raking to remove their food helps eliminate any reason they have to run on the ground and destroy everything in their sight.


Dogs can help deter squirrels from coming into your yard. Dogs don’t like squirrels, and squirrels know it. If you have a fence, try letting your dog roam your yard periodically during the day. You will instantly know when the dog has ran a furry critter up a tree from the insane barking. If the dog is in the yard squirrels will be less likely to take a stroll through your yard.

Bird Feeders

Are your bird feeders feeding more than just the birds? Squirrels love bird food, because let’s face it, it contains nuts and seeds. Squirrels see your bird feeder as a free food source and will use it as such. Instead of hanging your bird feeder on a tree, try hanging it on a pole. This can prevent the squirrels from gaining access to the birds food.

If all of the above tips fail, then it may be time to call in professionals for getting rid of ground squirrels around your home. They have access to more tools than many homeowners and can get the job done professionally and humanely. Getting rid of ground squirrels shouldn’t drive a homeowner mad or cause insane frustration. Never hesitate to seek assistance from the professionals if you need help getting rid of ground squirrels because they are damaging your yard.