3 Tips to Save on AC Maintenance and Replacement


Air conditioning units are extremely important, and two-thirds of houses have them, however less than half have regular annual maintenance performed on their units. Maintenance and replacement of units is important to keep cool and save electricity, but unfortunately many units just break without any warning. This can be extremely painful during the hot summer months when an air conditioning company is already swamped with calls. You don’t have to fret though. If you are lucky enough to know that you unit is going to need to be replaced, there are some things that you can keep in mind to save you some money.

Manufacturer Rebates

If you find yourself need a new air conditioning unit, then you may be wondering when the best time to buy one is. It is true that an air conditioning company will experience bursts of business, but the air conditioning company is not the only place to go to get air conditioning repair or a replacement unit. Manufacturers offer rebates for units, however these rebates are offered at different times throughout the year. Find out when manufacturers offer these rebates so that you can take advantage and save money.

Maintenance Costs

An air conditioning company can see busy times, but also down times. These down times are usually when you can save money. There are certain months, usually between January and February and again between October and November. During these months a maintenance tune up could end up being extensively cheaper. This could help save you money with the tuneup or ac repair to keep your system from breaking down, and also save money because the air conditioning company won’t be swamped and charging insane amounts per hour.

Remember the Off Season

Many people think that the opposite season is the best season to buy a new unit. This is not necessarily the case when it comes to buying a new unit. When choosing to buy a new unit, many companies will be busy during the winter working on heating units. This means you could still end up spending as much money as you would have in the summer. Choose off season times to purchase a new unit. An air conditioning company will not be as busy during off season, therefore installation and labor could end up being cheaper since their services are not in immediate demand during off season times.

Consider these tips to save money on something that is already going to cost you a pretty penny. These could amount to substantial savings, which is something every homeowner will enjoy. The money saved from using these tips and from the saved electricity from maintenance tune-ups or replacement could even be enough for a family vacation.