ICF Concrete Provides Strength and Stability to All Construction Projects


First patented in 1966 by Canadian contractor, Werner Gregori, ICF concrete, or insulated concrete form, is reinforced concrete that includes thermal installation. It is used as a permanent foundation for building construction, especially in walls, floors, and roofs. There are many efficiency benefits to ICF concrete when used for decking and outdoor projects as well, weight much less while also including superior insulation capabilities.

Affordable and Efficient Building Materials

ICF concrete is also much more affordable in home construction. When used for basement and foundation is costs about 40% less than standard concrete. Luckily, ICF walls, floors, and foundations provide improved insulation and energy efficiency due to the insulation factor in the materials. Additionally, whether it is the concrete being mixed and poured, or the blocked being laid and stacked, the ICF materials are much lighter than traditional concrete. The construction process is thus much easier from the start.

ICF and the Building Process

Even in commercial construction, there are ICF building blocks that produce much taller walls in a much faster process. Without the need for pouring and spreading techniques, the benefits of insulated concrete forms remain while throughout a longer building process than the residential. With just a quality building material that can be used for the benefit of both the interior and exterior of the residential or commercial property, there is much to be said for one such item. It can even be purchased as home repair stores for do-it-yourself projects like the back deck or porch that can be put in yourself.

There is much to consider with ICF the length it has come in just over 50 years since its introduction to the construction market. Basically, homes and buildings older than that being completely reliant on the heavier, non-insulated, more expensive concrete that requires much more maintenance over the years. Additionally, a foundation or concrete walls are not something that can be updated to ICF without a complete house re-construction. One more thing to consider regarding the ICF concrete and block is its incredible strength against wind, rain and all torrential weather. This quality material has everything to offer the construction industry, helping all our building to stand the test of time.