A Guide to Hiring Commercial Cleaners


Every single year, nearly 60 million days of school and 50 million days of work are lost because of the common cold. While this is staggering it can be prevented. AS a matter of fact, just simply hiring commercial cleaners is a great way to get specialty cleaning services to help prevent colds from spreading. Here are all of the facts on dealing with commercial spaces and cleaning.

In a closed-off space, like an office, the air quality is potentially nearly 500% worse than outdoor spaces. As a result, it is potentially dangerous for workers to be in a work environment without properly cleaning and more. Thus, business owners need to protect their employees with furniture cleaning and deep cleaning services on dirty carpets.

During the typical day, the average office worker will interact with nearly 10 million bacteria. This physical contact is how colds and serious germs spread. Therefore, it is easy for an entire office space to get sick just form one person spreading about bad bacteria and germs. Get the best commercial cleaners to help straighten up your business and more.

By simply disinfecting your desk frequently, you can reduce sick days in the office by 30%. Therefore, the right professional cleaning service can help fix up any bacteria issues relatively quickly. After all, most businesses hire these services to come in and clean on a near-daily basis.

Business owners must make sure they meet with their hired cleaning services to discuss the spaces that must be cleaned thoroughly. For instance, a study shows that office phones can have over 25,000 germs in just each square inch. Therefore, business owners must work hard to make sure every single space is cleaned properly and more.

People in the United States spend at least 1,896 hours per year at work. This is a lot of time for people to be around potentially dangerous bacteria on the phones, keyboards and more. Keep in mind that every square inch of a keyboard, chair, and computer can have nearly 21,000 germs or more. As a matter of fact, the average American desk has nearly 10 million bacteria as well. Thus, customers need to properly take care of their business space!

Over half of American workers eat lunch and snack at their desk, yet the typical desk has 100 times more germs than the average kitchen table. It is not good for any business to have a dirty work area. First and foremost, this word can get out and prevent future employees from wanting to work there. Also, it is important to have a clean workspace in order to have great employee morale!

A study shows that 10% of the cleaning revenue is earned by carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Customers need to get the best commercial cleaners to work on their carpet. If not, carpets end up being some of the most dirty spaces within the average office space. Business owners should prioritize rugs and carpets for their commercial cleaners work!

In Conclusion

The best way to keep a good appearance up for a business is to just simply invest in commercial cleaners. They will work with owners to understand what areas must be cleaned and what is a priority. Then, business owners avoid dealing with terrible sicknesses and colds spreading throughout their workplace.