Looking for a Way to Update Your Home’s Design? Try an Area Rug


Have you been looking for a simple way to update the design in your home? An area rug might be the answer. Not only can a custom rug make a room look great, but studies have also suggested that carpetes can reduce allergens.

Whether you find yourself looking for an outdoor rug or a luxury rug, there is one out there for you that can help step up the design in your home. Here are some ways that area rugs can be incorporated into your home’s design.

Separating Areas of a Space

Area rugs are a great way to separate or define different areas of a space. This can be really helpful in large rooms, such as a combined sitting room and dining room.

Custom made area rugs are a great option in these cases because you have more control over how much space the rug takes up. You don’t have to worry about whether or not the rug will fit the space you have in mind because it will be made just for your home.

Bring in New Colors or Textures

Rugs are an easy way to introduce new colors or textures into a room without being too overwhelming. Adding a braided rug to a room gives the room an extra layer of variety in texture without being too out of your comfort zone if bold statements are not really your taste.

Make a Statement

If you are looking to make a statement with your area rug, there are many ways to accomplish that as well. One way to do this is by choosing a rug that has an accent color that matches the wall color of the room you are decorating. This will draw attention to the rug and make the other colors stand out.

Another way to make an area rug the focal point of a room is by using it as a wall hanging. This is another instance where choosing custom cut rugs is a good option. Custom size area rugs make great wall hangings because you can easily choose how much of the wall you want to be covered by the rug.

Updating an Outdoor Space

An outdoor rug can easily be used to update any outdoor space. Updating the yard can make people more friendly when they are entertaining company, according to 56 percent of the respondents of a Houzz study.

If you have a large deck, for example, an outdoor rug is a simple way to break up the space and create defined areas. An outdoor rug is also a nice chance to play around with rugs of different shapes.

Custom outdoor rugs can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This gives you plenty of options to help find the right one for your space.

Whatever type of rug you choose, either braided, luxury, or an outdoor rug, the most important thing is that you are happy with the final design of your home. Now that you are prepared with these tips, you can go out and create the right look for your home.