A Look Behind The Growing Importance Of Landscaping In The United States


There is no doubt about it that the upkeep of your home mattes, but this incorporates not only the upkeep of the interior of your home, but the upkeep of its exterior and your outdoor spaces as well. In fact, having a yard is so important that more than eighty percent of people here in the United States say that this is so – and keeping up a yard is just as much, with ninety percent of current yard owners claiming that this is the case. After all, there are many ways to take advantage of your outdoor spaces, so it more than pays off to keep them nice.

In fact, for more than half of people who are looking to update their landscaping, spending more time in their yard is the primary goal. In fact, these home owners already spend at least six hours a week outside (weather permitting, of course), participating in a wide variety of activities. Nearly half of these people (around forty eight percent of them, to be a little bit more precise) will spend time gardening, planting everything from fruits to vegetables to all types of flowers. In addition to gardening, simply relaxing is also popular. When the weather is nice, it’s highly enjoyable simply to lay out with a book, some food, and perhaps even a glass of wine.

Many more people who are looking to upgrade their yard are looking to use it as an entertaining space. It makes sense then that one of the most popular design elements to add to a backyard space is that of a fire pit or a fireplace, of which more than seventy four percent of people will choose to add. Wireless internet connectivity is also popular at more than sixty five and a half percent, and those who choose to add in this feature can offer their guests a truly luxurious experience. Just by adding these elements of landscape architecture (or perhaps any number of other elements of landscape architecture), the typical home owner can turn their backyard into the ideal entertaining space.

And from improving landscape architecture and overall landscape design and general landscaping, there are many ways that you can even improve the resale value of your home. For those who are looking to place their homes on the market and up for sale, improving landscaping can actually increase the resale value of the home quite considerably, sometimes by as much as fourteen percent. By increasing the curb value of your home, as can be done with landscape architecture, new landscape ideas can actually improve your home as a whole. The impact of improving aspects of your landscaping such as landscape architecture can be so impressive, in fact, that more than eighty five percent of all real estate agents actually recommend for it to be undergone (often with the help of a landscaping service) before the home is placed n the market.

For the typical home owner, however, updating landscaping and things like landscape architecture is far from their area of expertise. In fact, many people simply would not know where to start, leaving them at odds when it comes to improving their outdoor spaces. Fortunately, however, landscape services can provide a great dealing of help in this area, proving, in the vast majority of cases, to be more than worth the fee that they charge for their services. In fact, hiring a landscape service can even be useful to keep your yard in shape, and it has been found that more than sixty five percent of home owners who have lawns and yards will hire a landscape service as least once throughout the year, with many of these people hiring these landscaping services on a regular basis.

There are truly a wide variety of ways that you can improve the overall aesthetic value of your outdoor spaces – as well as their usefulness. From the addition of landscape architecture to the overall improvement of your landscape design to the introduction of wifi access to your outdoor spaces, the average home owner faces few limitations when it comes to how they can improve their yards and other such outdoor spaces.