Are You Selecting Light Fixtures for a Renovation in Your Home?


The new lighting over the fireplace is amazing. After 20 years in your home, you finally invested in some much needed upgrades. In addition to the refinishing the wood floors and cabinets in the kitchen, you also convinced your husband that it was also worth the money to change out some of the lighting fixtures. Aside from the fact that the rings around the two decades old can lights were discolored from years of cooking, the lights were not effective. They were so defused that they could not be used as task lights or as mood lights. The new lighting fixtures are not only more effective, they are also more efficient.

The latest energy efficient light fixtures are worth the investment. In fact, by installing low bay induction lighting you can create a better room, while also helping the environment as well. From solar parking lot light fixtures that create safer spaces to low bay lighting fixtures for a working space, there are many times when you can improve a situation with the illumination selections that you make.

Finding the Right Lighting Fixtures Can Help You Create the Most Productive Spaces
In addition to making the most energy efficient decisions, it is important to remember to think about how a space will be used. If, for instance, a space is going to be used for work or reading, it is important to find the right kind of task lighting that will be needed for that space. Too often, when buyers are building a home they follow their contractor’s model suggestions about the kind of lighting that should be put in a space. If, however, you take the time to work with a lighting design specialist you can make selections that will allow you to more effectively use any space.

Consider some of these statistics about the lighting industry and the impact that it has on the spaces where we live and work:

  • Although LEDs last 10 times longer than HIDs, HID headlights are about 50% brighter than LED headlights.
  • While providing up to 85% more light output, LEDs use only 15% of the energy a standard halogen light uses.
  • The life expectancy of an LED tube is roughly 50,000 hours, but the average life expectancy of a fluorescent bulb and ballast is nearly 20,000 hours.
  • Department of Energy statistics reveal that approximately 22% of all electricity generated in the U.S. is used for lighting, so it is important to make sure that you are looking for energy efficient choices throughout your home.
  • Lighting accounts for 18% of energy use in commercial buildings, and 11% of energy use in residential buildings.
  • LED lighting has the potential to reduce U.S. energy usage by nearly 50%, according to the US Department of Energy.

Whether you are looking for a way to make your fireplace more dramatic or you want to add some outside security lighting to your home, it is important to use the available professional resources so that you understand all of the possible options.