5 Questions to Ask a Window Installation Company


The windows in your home or business may be beautiful, and the views might be great. However, is a draft whistling through those windows? Is your heating or air conditioning going out the window?

Perhaps it is time for a consultation with a professional about window replacement. When you talk to a window installation company about replacement windows, here are 5 things to ask them before you start your renovation project.

1.Ask About Safety Codes

One of the first things to consider when you get involved in window replacement for your home is safety. Ask the window installation company about the type of glass that will be used. Preferably, the window company will select a type of glass that shatters in pieces (instead of shards). An example of this type of glass would be tempered glass.

2.Ask About Extra Panes
If you’ve never had to get involved in window replacement, this point might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But, extra panes in windows can actually serve as insulators for your windows. The panes usually have a gas such as argon or krypton separating them. Double-paned windows are a very good choice. In terms of retaining heat and air conditioning, their effectiveness is two times that of single-paned windows. This design feature can save you money.

3.Ask About Durability

Replacing home windows, or office windows is not a project you want to tackle again in a year or two. In fact, a big factor when deciding on which windows to purchase is durability. Depending on the weather where the the new windows are installed, you can expect a long lifespan from them. Also, ask for confirmation that the trim around the windows is tight and solid, too.

4.Ask About Energy Efficiency

Make sure that energy efficient windows will be installed. As a homeowner, you can reduce your home’s energy needs by choosing these types of windows. It has been shown that energy bills can increase by 10 to 25% when air escapes through drafty windows.

5.Ask About Measuring Process

Make sure that the window installers will be using a measuring tape to get accurate window measurements. Also, ask if when they replace windows, the installers will be checking the shims and what tools they will use to do this. The windows shouldn’t have any bulges and the installers should use a level.

Let’s face it, window replacement is a big project. And making any kind of home improvements or remodeling can be expensive. Yet, it has been reported that renovations are being planned by nearly two-thirds of all homeowners, as seen in a recent survey. Investing in new windows can save you money. And if you are on the inside looking out, that might be the perfect reason to listen to the professionals from a window installation company.