Flooring 101 What You Need to Know Before Flooring Your Space


When it comes down to it, what can help to increase your home’s value? Is it the landscaping? Aesthetically please interior design? Hardwood floors? Tile and stone floors? It all depends on what materials you use, your neighborhood, what local buyers are looking for, and the condition you keep it in.

Accurate and current trends, cutting edge products, and competitive pricing in flooring installation are at the top of the list for many homeowners looking for simple but beautiful upgrades to their living space.

Here are some of the residential flooring “virtues” to consider. Only 44% of homeowners say they prefer carpet over hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring generates higher value and more respect than basic carpeting as a design choice in residential settings. It is seen as being luxurious because it is a natural material is typically more expensive than carpeting. It’s warm and comfortable underfoot, and its natural hues incorporate well into any design scheme. Hardwood flooring generally creates a single direction pattern in flooring design, making it a clean but luxurious look.

Up to 90% of homeowners say they prefer hardwood (or tile floors). Only 10% said they prefer laminate, vinyl, linoleum, or cork. And while hardwood flooring is known for its timeless appeal, new style ideas have arrived in recent years, allowing for new flooring designs to be considered.

Tile and stone floors were traditionally used in bathrooms and kitchens as a water-resistant and temperature-safe barrier. Now that interior design motif has evolved into common living spaces. Stone has traditionally been the main component in hot weather homes. It is cool to the touch and resistant to heat and moisture. If you love the look of stone, you can always add area carpets to warm the space in the cooler months. However, the hard surface is tiring if you are standing or walking on it constantly and unforgiving to anything that drops on it. (So be sure not to drop your wine glass!) While hardwood flooring lays in one general direction, tile and stone floors allow for a little more creativity. You can visualize patterns and captivating designs according to how you lay the stones. For example, you can create a central pattern or trim with mosaic tiles. Tile and stone can dictate whether you are going modern or traditional by the way it’s laid.

Maintenance and cost are important factors. High-gloss stone or wood floors can be dangerous. Tumbled stone has a dull finish that is more slip-resistant. Budgeting wise, granite and mahogany floors are costly, but the look speaks for itself. Fortunately, there is enough variation in flooring materials and costs to give you plenty of options to beautify your home and really give it an upgraded and classy look.

So where do you fall on the flooring scale? Do traditional and sleek hardwood floors speak to you? Or does the unique nature behind tile and stone floors get your creative juices flowing?

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