When Should You Replace the Siding on Your Home


There are some aspects of your home that you may not think about when it comes to upkeep, even though they are actually very important. The siding on your home is one of those things that may fall to the bottom of your list in terms of keeping up the maintenance, but it might be time to give it a closer look.

The siding of your house is important because it is a valuable layer of protection for the exterior of your home. Unavoidable elements such as the sun, cold weather, strong winds, and rain or snow can wear down this part of your home.

Because you want to ensure that your home is protected from these elements, it is important to replace or repair siding when needed. Here are a few ways to tell if it is time for new siding on your home, and if it is time to contact a professional near you such as a siding Tacoma company or one somewhere else in the Northwest.

The Siding Starts to Bubble

One sign that you are in need of some siding replacement is if you notice a bubbling or blistered appearance to your siding. This can happen to siding that endures a great amount of heat or moisture.

If your home is in Washington, for example, the great deal of rain or snowfall can cause this to happen. A good solution is to contact a siding company near you, such as a siding Tacoma company, that can help with the siding installation process and give you tips to prevent this problem from happening in the future.

There is Evidence of Dry Rot

It is important to keep on eye on your siding for evidence of dry rot. This is another siding issue that can be caused by rain or other forms of moisture, so again for those living in the Northwest area, a siding Tacoma company may come in handy.

It is important that you take care of your siding as soon as you see evidence of this fungus as it can cause the wood of your siding to decompose, leaving your home vulnerable to the outdoor elements.

Cracks, Holes, or Gaps in Your Siding

Areas that experience a great deal of hail storms or have a strong wildlife population may start to see cracks or holes in their siding. Whether the holes have come from a major hail storm or the neighboring woodpecker, it is important to get them fixed before moisture can get in.

While it can be frustrating to do exterior siding repair in cases where you know the new siding will not stay looking fresh for long, talking to a siding contractor about possible solutions such as choosing different exterior coatings may help you find a better solution than the approach you have taken in the past.

It could be that there is no real damage to your siding, but instead you are looking to change up the exterior siding of your home. With the 15 different types of siding available, there are plenty of options to update your home’s outside appearance.

Cedar siding is a great option because the different stains and exterior coatings will make it easy to change the look of your home in the future. If you decide that you want your home to be a different color in a few years, all it will take is some fresh paint to give the house a new look.

Whether you are looking into the siding installation process because you are finding evidence of damage to your siding or are simply looking for a way to improve the look of your home, a siding contractor can be very helpful.

No matter where you may be located and looking for professional assistance, be it in the form of a siding Tacoma company or one in Seattle, the most important thing is that you get the help you need to make your home functional and looking great.