From Plumbing To Air Conditioning Taking A Closer Look At Keeping Your Home In The Best Possible Shape


Here in the United States, home ownership certainly comes with a wide array of responsibilities. From making sure your roof is in good condition to managing your HVAC system, there’s no doubt about it that the many tasks of the home owner can seem more than a little bit overwhelming to someone who is new to home ownership. But taking such good care of your home more than pays off, as it allows you not only maintain the overall value of your home (something that will be particularly important should you ever decide to sell it) but will help to maintain the quality of your experience in this home as well, something that is equally – if not even more so – important.

Let’s start with the HVAC system in your home – and how you can lower utility bills. After all, there’s no getting around the fact that an HVAC system is absolutely necessary in a very non negotiable way. Without heating and cooling systems, many people would find their homes to be very uncomfortable places to be indeed, as much of the United States experiences extremely hot summers but frigidly cold winters (or at least one out of the two).

But with the typical HVAC system making up half of the average household’s utility bill, there is no doubt about it that an HVAC system is incredibly expensive to run, even as necessary as it is. Fortunately, however, there are a number of ways that these costs can be reduced and your HVAC system can be made to run as efficiently and fluidly as possible. For instance, simply investing in routine inspection of your HVAC system by an HVAC service that you trust is nothing if not key.

After all, it’s recommended for HVAC systems to be inspected at least twice throughout the course of just one year, and likely more if any problems arise. Not only will this keep your HVAC system running as efficiently as possible (as build up from lack of inspection will nearly certainly decrease efficiency by quite a considerable amount) but it will also help to improve the actual air quality of your home, especially in the case of air conditioning systems.

If the filters on an air conditioning system are not changed frequently (ideally once every one to three months), the buildup of dander, dust, and even various chemicals can circulate through the air of your home at least five times a day, contributing far more than just high utility bills. Unfortunately, the presence of such contaminants in your air can actually lead to the worsening of conditions like asthma and allergies. In some conditions, the build up of contaminants in the duct work of your HVAC system will actually lead to the development of these conditions in the first place.

Aside from regular maintenance for your HVAC system, as important as it is, there are a number of other steps that you can take as well. For instance, the addition of open cell spray foam insulation to your attic can make a huge difference in your overall energy costs and even your utility bills as a whole. In fact, taking the steps to properly insulate your attic has even been found to cut down your overall energy bills by as much as an entire 20% on a monthly basis, which is most definitely well worth the cost and the time of going through the process of properly insulating an attic in the first place.

But aside from your HVAC system, you should be always keeping an eye on your plumbing system as well, as even the most minor leaks can waste water. In fact, up to 10% of all homes throughout the country have more major leaks, ones that waste as many as 90 gallons of water in a single day. With more than 90% of all water damage able to be prevented, calling a plumber in to deal with a suspected leak can save your property – and save you money in the long run.