The Importance of Scheduling a Regular Mold Inspection and Consultation


When homes are located in areas that experience heavy storms, it’s important to schedule regular mold inspections and consultations. This is also the case when houses have leaky pipes, as mold can be growing even though it may not be obvious. If homes have had pipes or water heaters burst, then it’s possible that mold may also be present. There are, of course, other situations where mold may grow and proliferate.

Health Risks Associated With Mold

When mold is present in a home, it can cause a variety of health issues. One of the common health issues that can arise is chronic sinus infections. The Mayo Clinic reported that mold has been responsible for 93% of these infections. Due to this, it’s important for homeowners to have their houses checked for mold, and if present, schedule mold remediation services as soon as possible.

A Rise in Mold-Related Insurance Claims

On average, water damage insurance claims are $6,965.00. Some of these claims may be for leaky roofs, floods, or other issues. Farmers Insurance, however, reported that there has been an increase in mold-related claims over the last decade. This has amounted to a 1,100% increase, which is significant.

A Rise in Mold Litigation for New Home Constructions

Recent data indicates that more than 30% of the brand-new homes that have been constructed have some type of mold present. One of the potential causes for this is when these new constructions are in the process of being built when a storm occurs. Another potential cause is when there are plumbing issues that may not have been adequately addressed. Over the last five years, the presence of mold in these new constructions has resulted in a 200% increase in defect mold litigation cases.

Schedule a Consultation With Your Local Plumbing Professionals

Since you’re a homeowner, there are a variety of plumbing services that you may need now or in the future. This may be particularly the case when you live in an area that experiences inclement weather. If your home has sustained weather damage, for example, your local plumbing company can assist with water damage cleanup and restoration. They can also check for mold and provide mold remediation services. In case you suspect there might be mold in your home, your plumber can also provide a mold inspection and consultation. At this time, you can also discuss ways to prevent mold from growing.