Pool Resurfacing Products That You Should Know About


There are many pool resurfacing products out there on the market, and if you want to create a custom pool you need to know the benefits that define each option. Pool renovations are a necessity, both due to wear and tear, and change of tastes. Here are some pool resurfacing products available that you can choose from.

Pool Resurfacing Products

  • High Epoxy Paint . While this option is ideal for long term use, high epoxy paint can be used for a quick change, or fix, if you are working on a budget, or need a change quick. This can also be a good option if what you want to do isn’t in the budget right now, but will be in the future. You can save money with a paint fix, and keep the extra to go towards the future project.
  • Plaster Coating . Plaster is a surprisingly durable for use in backyard pools, and is still a cost effective option. There are a good number of colors that plaster is available in, so it can definitely accommodate your style and color preferences. Keep in mind that choosing a darker color for your plaster can allow it to absorb more sunlight, which can in turn warm the water in your pool. This can be a benefit if you aren’t a fan of too cold water. It is worth keeping in mind that plaster will still degrade over time. Though you will still get around 10 to 15 years before a new coat is necessary, staining and etching can occur over time.
  • Aggregate . This material is one of the more popular across the United States. A mixture of plaster and quartz, it gives a very classy and modern style to your pool area. An additional benefit is that is its extremely durable and long lasting. It does fall on the more expensive side of the cost spectrum; however, it will serve as an investment to last for many years to come. Just like with paint and plaster, aggregate can come in many different colors, so you are sure to get something pleasing to your eyes.
  • Tile . Possible one of the most desirable options on the list, depending on personal tates, titles offer an impressive range of colors and styles. They are also capable of lasting for years without any tedious upkeep. With so many possibilities available with tiles the possibilities are really endless as to how you can go about customizing your pool. Whatever design you have in mind, is more than likely possible with a tile option.

Other Considerations

If you are contemplating a pool resurfacing, be sure to check for any cracks, or have a professional contractor conduct an inspection. If a resurfacing is done while cracks are present, issues can arise in the future that will not only cost you more money, but has the possibility of ruining your initial hard work.

Additionally, while this can be undertaken as a DIY project, it is highly important to check and double check your work to ensure nothing is overlooked. If you are uncertain, don’t hesitate to contact a professional contractor to aid in the renovation. It’s better to get the job done correctly the first time, than have to pay additional money to correct any preventable mistakes.

If you are using a contractor, keep in mind that combining pool and deck renovations will oftentimes save you money in the long run, as opposed to upgrading them separately. This is because everything can be undertaken in one large project, as opposed to two separate projects that oftentimes can overlap.


If you have been considering a pool renovation, but weren’t sure which pool resurfacing products would work best for you, hopefully the above list will help you decide. Don’t hesitate to ask a professional contractor for their input, and what options they would personally recommend for your space, and the environment you live in. They will also be able to inform you of any potential issues that may arise, and any concerns that need to be taken into consideration.