Swimming Is A Beloved Activity In America Make Sure Mosquitoes Don’t Ruin Your Fun


Swimming sits comfortably as one of the most beloved summer activities in America. What gets in the way of enjoying a good dip?

Insects. Not only are they incredibly unsightly, they can contaminate your pool and put you at risk for all sorts of nasty bites. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping the next cloud of mosquitoes passes you over, window screen supplies are a safeguard you can count on. Designed to make it impossible for even the craftiest of bugs to slip through, these can be draped over your pool and used year-round. Your neighborhood’s resident creepy crawlies won’t even know what hit them.

Catch up on all things fiberglass screens below and figure out which one will suit your pool best.

Today’s Thriving Household Furnishing Industry

Household furnishings have all you need and more to get your house summer-ready well before the fact. The Freedonia Group recently forecast household furnishings demand to hit a spectacular $35 billion once 2021 arrives. According to another U.S. Department Of Commerce report both furniture and home furnishings store sales have already exceeded $10 billion. Fiberglass screens often fly off the shelves around spring and summer, when insects are waking up and starting to roam again. If you’re a fan of swimming, prepare in advance!

Swimming As A Popular Hobby In America

Why do Americans love swimming so much? Let’s count the ways. A recent study determined swimming to be the fourth most popular activity in the country, among both children and adults. It’s a great way to cool off in the blistering hot weather, particularly on the coasts, and is even more fun alongside friends and family. It’s also a feasible way of achieving a well-rounded exercise regimen without even trying.

Common Insects You’ll Find In The Pool

Sadly, you’re not the only one that enjoys a clean pool. Window screen supplies are a necessary buffer to keep the more common insects from leeching off your new installation. The average pool during the spring and summer will see ladybugs, bees, wasps, flies, and gnats floating around more often than not. Mosquitoes remain some of the more stubborn and hazardous insects, due in no small part to their attraction to strong scents. The patio bug screen is often designed with them in mind.

Nasty Facts About Everyday Mosquitoes

It’s hard to find someone who likes mosquitoes. These annoying insects come in over 3,000 different varieties, with recent figures suggesting there might be 200 million insects for every human on the planet. Mosquitoes use exhaled carbon dioxide, body odors, and temperature to hone in on their next victim. More than just aggravating, they’re able to transmit all sorts of diseases and viruses. Mesh screen fabric is just as much healthy as it is practical.

Picking The Right Window Screen Supplies

You don’t want to worry about you and your family catching a disease when enjoying a few idle hours in the backyard pool. Keep that worry at bay with smart window screen supplies designed for convenience and safety. You can find porch netting to supplement your entire backyard, as well as pool screen rolls to be unfurled on will. Make sure to repair any holes in your window or door screens as you find them, as mosquitoes are tough customers that will stop at nothing for a fast meal. Screen enclosure supplies often come with extra, so stock up and quit worrying.

Swimming should be enjoyed, not feared. How will you prepare for the summer next year?