Are You A Homeowner? Here’s What You Need To Know About Air Conditioners And Furnaces


As Americans in The United States, becoming a home owner is a huge accomplishment with even bigger responsibilities. There are many home improvement tasks homeowners need to perform, or hire a company to complete. There is plumbing, electric work, work for television and wifi networks, to name a few. One important home improvement task, or maintenance homeowners need to focus on involves an air conditioner. In a survey, results said that 87% of households use air conditioning. Air conditioners are, understandably necessary during the summer months. The weather gets warmer, and houses get warmer. Air conditioners provide homeowners with cool air. Another home improvement task or maintenance homeowners need to focus on involves a furnace. A furnace provides homeowners with warm or hot air However, there are times when homeowners need to consider ac maintenance. Additionally, homeowners will have to consider furnace maintenance. Home owners should contact a cooling company when they need air conditioning repair and furnace repair. More importantly, homeowners need to be aware that air conditioners and furnaces will need to be replaced. Here’s what homeowners need to know about air conditioners and furnaces (replacements and costs).

It is clear that home owners will need to have maintenance performed on an air conditioner and a furnace. However, air conditioning replacement and furnace replacement will eventually be needed. After contacting a cool company, homeowners may have some questions. Should a cooling company replace the air conditioner and furnace simultaneously? First, having a cooling company replace an air conditioner and a furnace is expensive. However, it is completely necessary and here’s why:

Your air conditioner will perform more efficiently if your furnace is replaced at the same time!

A furnace contains a blower or fan. The fan pushes the conditioned air throughout a home. Homeowners need to make sure the blower, or fan is creating the appropriate airflow for specific parts to perform efficiently (the evaporator coil and the heat exchanger). An air conditioner uses the blower or fan motor as well. Therefore, in order for the air conditioner to truly perform efficiently, the heating system should be replaced simultaneously.

Your air conditioner and furnace will be a matched system.

Your air conditioner and furnace will perform at the same level of efficiency when they are replaced together. For example, if your air conditioner is replaced and your furnace is not, both systems will not perform at their highest efficiency. Additionally, having an unmatched system can cause problems or failures.

There are specific times you should replace your air conditioner and furnace at the same time.

If your furnace is over 15 years old. Although many furnaces last 15-30 years, some furnaces need to be replaced after the 15 year mark. If you purchased a high-efficiency air conditioner. If you don’t want to worry or stress about repairs and replacements for some time.

Many home owners worry about how costly HVAC systems and a cooling company installation can be. Home owners rely on their cooling systems and heating systems to keep them comfortable during the summer months and winter months.
Therefore, home owners need a system that will require few repairs over the years, and one that is efficient. So, it is understandable that these systems will be costly. Additionally, a cooling company hires dependable, knowledgeable, and highly qualified workers to repair and replace cooling and heating systems. Since these technicians are highly qualified, of course their performance will be costly. Also, these technicians go through specific, special training in order to install, repair, replace, and maintain air conditioners and furnaces. They install everything properly and ensure you receive the most out of your product. So, although HVAC systems and the work performed on them can be costly, it’s worth it. Don’t you want a comfortable household?

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