Watch For These Signs That Your Roof Might Be Failing


If you own your home or a building long enough, you are likely to have to replace the roof. Most buildings are built to last 50 years or more, but most roofs have only last about 20 years before they are at risk of starting to fail. And that doesn’t even take into account damage that can happen from weather events such as wind or hail, which count for about two-thirds of all instances of roof repair or roof replacement. So how do you know if you need roofing service? There are some definite signs to look for.

Any signs of water can be a big red flag that you may need the services of a roofer. Things to look for include standing water in an attic or on upper floors of your home, or any water spots or discoloration on ceilings or walls. These are signs that your roof may be leaking, and if you see them, you should call a roofing company and get an inspection. About 40% of all problems in buildings are due to water, so you definitely should not delay if you see signs of water infiltration.

Another sign to watch for that could indicate you need roofing service is missing or broken shingles. Any place where part or all of a shingle is missing is a place where it is easier for water to infiltrate your roof. After a storm or wind event, you should check out your roof and look for any missing or broken shingles. If you see any, you should call a roofing contractor and get an inspection.

One additional sign that you might have problems with your roof is the appearance of shingle “sand” or “dust.” These are fine particles from your shingles that accumulate on the ground around your house or in your gutters and downspouts. The appearance of shingle sand basically means that your shingles are starting to disintegrate. This is more likely to happen when your roof is old.

If you see any of these signs, you should not ignore them. To make sure you don’t miss signs of a potential roof failure, you should inspect your roof at least once and preferably twice a year. Roof repairs or a roof replacement can be expensive, it’s likely to be cheaper than major damage to the interior of your home caused by a failing roof.