Carpets Hold Several Pounds Of Dust, Dirt, And Allergens Why You Should Deep Clean It In 2019


A smelly, stained carpet ruins everything.

You can smell it when inviting friends over, leaving you to make up some airy excuse about not having the time to vacuum. You smell it when you’re doing your morning yoga stretches, affecting your mood when you should be relaxing. When you consider that an unwashed carpet can even hold several times its own weight in dirt and dust alone…something needs to change. Carpet odor treatment means clearing up this mess one deep cleaning session at a time. Not only will you see fewer stains, you’ll feel like a brand new person.

Indoor air pollution. Odor treatment. These are just a few of the things you’ll learn about when you apply for a carpet cleaning session.

Let’s learn more about our carpet and what it’s designed for. Not only is it soft and comfortable, it’s designed to trap pollutants in the air. Dust is largely made up of dead skin cells, with the average person losing up to one million skin cells in 24 hours. That’s not all a carpet will be holding, however. Dirt, allergens, stains, odors, and bacteria build in a carpet over time, eventually requiring a professional to remove when vacuuming isn’t enough.

Do you have any pets in the house? How about children constantly spilling juice and running around with their shoes on? It’s small wonder that the more active a household is, the dirtier the carpet tends to be. A recent study found up to 75% of people admit they walk on their carpet while wearing outdoor shoes. Another similar survey saw 70% of respondents stating they moved furniture to hide a carpet stain. Over time this can contribute to worse indoor air pollution, leaving you in a bad spot to be at your best under your own roof.

Indoor air pollution is up to three times worse than outdoor air, for the simple reason air doesn’t circulate nearly as much within close walls. A filthy carpet exacerbates this problem and constantly exposes you to allergens and bacteria, both of which can contribute to sinus infections if not checked. Clean upholstery is more than just making your house look good for guests. It’s also about prioritizing the health of you and your family. A recent study found children with asthma or chemical sensitivities can see their conditions actively worsened by a dirty carpet.

What do professionals say about the average carpet? It’s recommended by most you vacuum your carpet at least twice a week to catch the more obvious debris and keep your family from stepping on anything sharp. It’s also recommended your carpet receive a steam cleaning every one to two years. Those that have pets, however, should steam clean their carpets every six months. Pets provide extra dander, dirt, and pee, all of which will layer on top of your own residue.

Carpet odor treatment is more than just skin deep. It gets to the root of your indoor air pollution and clears up what’s been lingering for far too long. In just one year you’ll shed up to eight pounds of skin, much of which is left on your carpet, blankets, and couches. Carpets have the ability to last up to 15 years if they’re well-maintained. This means getting it professionally cleaned at least once per year and going through the motions in the day-to-day to keep damage and stains at bay. Need a little bit of a boost?

Let upholstery cleaning and carpet odor treatment services do the rest.