The Value of Chimney Service and Cleaning


Chimneys are frequently available in newly constructed homes today, because of about 60% of homes including fireplaces compared to about 36% of those built in the early 1970s. No matter the type of fireplace, there is an importance of chimney service and cleaning in order to minimize pollutants released into the air. Chimney cleaning was more necessary for wood-burning fireplaces in comparison to the gas logs used most often today.

Chimney Services

Residential fireplaces have been upgraded over the years, especially with the move from burning wood to gas-burning units. While there is a need to make sure that all fireplaces and chimneys are cleaned and serviced professionally, certain services are needed for different units. Different types of chimney services are needed across homes built during different decades. Some of these fireplaces and chimneys required cleaning for the removal of creosote, while newer gas-burning fireplaces may simply need annual service in order to make sure that the gas system is in proper working order. Some of these services include the following:

  • Chimney repair
  • Chimney cleaning
  • Fireplace service
  • Gas fireplace service
  • Fireplace cleaning

Both commercial and residential chimneys release dangerous chemicals into the air. During the industrial revolution, a large amount of pollution was added to the atmosphere, bringing the need for chimney demolition in these plants today. Updates have been made to chimney inspection and chimney service over the past few decades, helping to increase the credibility of the residential fireplace.

Wood-Burning vs. Gas Fireplaces

There are different standards to consider between having an older wood-burning fireplace and the chimney service that is required. With newer gas fireplaces, there are still regulations which the chimneys must consistently meet. If a gas fireplace is being installed in a new home, most building codes require that the chimney damper remain open at all times, obviously to keep from leaking excess gas into your home if any incident with the system were to occur.

Considering fireplaces and chimneys, a residential upgrade or renovation from wood-burning to gas is one that should be evaluated carefully. With the likely need to change the entire chimney in addition to the fireplace, this could end up being much more expensive than initially anticipated. Therefore, chimney service and cleaning may be much more helpful than switching from wood to gas.