The Right Furniture for the Home


Some Americans are homeowners, and others rent their living space such as apartments or college dorms. No matter what the case, no household is complete without proper furniture, which may range from custom furniture pieces to Amish furniture to leather sectional couches and even wooden storage beds. The furniture industry is one of the largest in the United States today, and it ranks among houses and cars among large expenditures for typical Americans. Better yet, a person may order and design custom furniture at a furniture mart, and the wooden goods produced by the Amish people are often custom furniture as well. Finding custom furniture makers nearby may allow a person to get just the right pieces for their household, and Americans young and old take furniture seriously. And middle class Americans often have the widest selection of all, being able to find very high quality wooden beds, dressers, and more.

Trends of Furniture Purchases

Everyone is looking for furniture to buy, and there are some common elements to most furniture shopping trips. Americans nearly always expect durability and a long life in their furniture, often demanding that a piece last five to 10 years, if not longer. A shoddy piece of furniture may be uncomfortable to use, and if it breaks or falls apart, it may be a real hassle to get rid of and replace. Wooden furniture is common, and wooden pieces in particular may be comfortable but should be durable, too. A piece of furniture is an expensive investment, after all. For example, 91% of couch buyers have reported that quality and durability are quite important when they make a purchase.

Where can someone find some furniture to buy or order custom furniture pieces? Sometimes, consumers are turning to online catalogs to find new beds, tables, couches, and more. E-commerce is growing fast, and online catalogs may certainly include furniture, among other things. By now, e-commerce accounts for 12.9% of all furniture sales in the United States. Such furniture may be delivered by truck when a consumer places an order.

Despite that, many American consumers, especially older ones, like to visit local stores in person to find furniture. When visiting a furniture mart in person, consumers can sit on or lay on furniture to test the comfort levels and durability, and store associates are available to answer any questions and explain the features of the pieces found there. And in this case, too, ordered items can be shipped to the buyer’s residence by truck.

The Amish people don’t make use of modern technology, but they are expert craftsmen renowned for their hand-made wooden goods. Many Americans place orders for Amish-made wooden items ranging from tables and picnic benches to chicken coops, garden sheds, and bed frames. These wooden items are very durable and can be shipped anywhere once they are finished being built.

What about customer furniture? Some Americans have a particular idea for furniture in mind, and they may not find exactly what they are looking for. Instead, they will place an order to craftsmen to build an item by their design, ranging from the type of wood used to the item’s nature and dimensions. Such services may be found online, and many Amish builders may accept custom jobs like these, too (but a customer should double-check that first).

Furniture in the Home

All households have furniture, and a house’s furniture may reflect both the personality and the lifestyle (and possibly the wealth) of the people living there. Interior decoration experts say that a homeowner should update the furniture and rugs in their house every five to 10 years, and many Americans indeed do this. Many other surveyed Americans say that they are planning such an update in the near future. Furniture may also be bought or replaced to reflect changing tastes or lifestyles.

Furniture can even change the function of a room. When a child is born or adopted, homeowners may get a baby crib or a child-sized bed, desk, and dresser as needed for that new household member. And when an adult child moves out, their old room can be remade into a hobby or arts and crafts room, or even made into a guest bedroom if need be. This involves buying a whole new set of furniture.