The Right Glass to Resist Hurricane Winds


No one can stop, control, or tame “nature’s fury,” as they call it, since even modern technology cannot stop earthquakes from happening or prevent storms such as hurricanes or tornadoes from forming. The planet’s oceans, landmass, and atmosphere have a lot of power in them, and human buildings and roads must be built to endure exposure to floods, earthquakes, strong winds, hail, and more. And while no one can stop a hurricane or even divert it, modern meteorology allows experts to predict the time frame, power, and movement of a hurricane, thus allowing evacuation efforts to take place. On the American east coast and parts of the Gulf of Mexico, hurricanes are common, and these powerful storms may form in April through November. This is why contractors will construct large public buildings such as hotels, apartments, and office buildings with hurricane proof doors, hurricane glass windows, and more. These luxury sliding glass doors may look attractive but also have the right glaze to resist impact from wind and wind-blown debris during a storm. A building cannot be moved to avoid a hurricane, but even luxury sliding glass doors can be built to endure a storm until it passes. Sliding glass door manufacturers will know what to do, as will contractors who install these luxury sliding glass doors and windows.

Why Tough Luxury Sliding Glass Doors Are Built

There is certainly a need for these hurricane proof luxury sliding glass doors, and statistics show just how powerful hurricanes can be. In fact, trends suggest that in the 21st century, hurricanes are becoming even more powerful and frequent than ever, and if this is so, that certainly calls for the most cutting-edge hurricane proof windows and doors.

Just one hurricane can stir up millions of miles of air and dump more than 2.4 trillion gallons of rain water per day, and a hurricane may last a few days before totally blowing over. Hurricanes not only feature strong winds, rain, hail, and flooding, but they can spawn tornadoes, too. Hurricane Andrew, back in 1992, spawned around 62 tornadoes. Meanwhile, Hurricane Irma proved to be the most powerful Atlantic hurricane on record in 2017, and this juggernaut storm was a Category 5 storm with some seven trillion watts of energy. This enormous storm had 185 MPH winds that lasted for 37 hours, and it utterly devastated the American east coast and the Caribbean. It damaged 90% of the buildings in Barbados and it left 60% of the people there homeless. Meanwhile, 2017 saw 10 different storms in a row form into hurricanes, a remarkable feat that has not happened since 1893. Hurricanes like these will always happen, and if they continue to be anything near Hurricane Irma’s power, some advanced building technology will be needed to endure them.

Better Buildings for Hurricanes

People can evacuate an area for safety before a hurricane arrives and take some of their possessions with them, but the buildings will remain, and no one wants to come back to find extensive property loss. And some people may still remain in their apartments or other buildings anyway, and a lot of property is found inside as well. While these buildings won’t always be knocked over or totally destroyed, large buildings such as hotels or offices may suffer greatly if their windows are blown in. Once windows are shattered in a hurricane, this allows strong winds to get inside the building alone with rain water, broken glass, and debris from outside. This may devastate a building even if it’s still standing and result in staggering property losses.

Impact-resistant glass doors and windows are the answer. Such glass is designed with hurricane-force winds and wind-blown debris in mind, and these window and glass doors have an impact-resistant glaze system of +105/-130. This allows them to survive winds over 100 MPH in strength. These windows and glass doors may endure not just the winds, but wind-blown debris outside, and not allow rain water to get into the building, minimizing property losses. An older building may be refitted with such windows and glass doors when a new owner buys it, and new structures may have impact-resistant glass doors and windows installed as a matter of course. This can save property and lives alike.