Different Soil Uses


You can find soil everywhere. The surface of the earth, in bags in stores, in flower pots, in boxes in stores, and more. It is a rich ecosystem that is made from nutrients, minerals, air, water, microorganisms, and organic matter. Soil is a natural solution for planting our flowers and plants and can be used in driveway gravel to enrich it. Keep reading to learn about all of the different soil uses.

Used in Agriculture

Have you ever created a vegetable or a flower garden in your yard or helped someone do it? If so, you have used soil. When creating a garden for vegetables or beautiful flowers, you can either get soil from the store or use the soil in your own yard. Using the soil in your own yard is a better idea because it is already all-natural.

Farmers use soil for planting their corn and other vegetables on the farm. They even use it for putting it around their driveway gravel make it richer.

Used in Building

Do you know all of the buildings in your city or town and the towns and cities connected to them? They were first started with soil. When someone starts building a building, they have to take soil and compact it at the bottom of the building that is going up. Without soil and it being compacted, once the building is up, it could fall right away or after a while. Compacted soil keeps the buildings standing strong for people to use. The compacted soil is used for structural support. It can also be used for other building materials including adobe and red bricks.

They also put soil in drainage gravel, driveway gravel, crushed rock, landscaping rocks, and more. When removing debris from construction sites, they will eventually clean the soil.

Used in Pottery

Have you ever used a ceramic bowl, cup, or vase? Have you ever seen a ceramic sculpture in a museum? If so, these are first made with soil. Once you have the soil and add water to it, it turns it into clay soil. Then, the person making the ceramic pottery will shape it until it becomes a bowl, a cup, a vase, or a sculpture. Once the ceramic is shaped into the ceramic product, you let it dry and it keeps its shape.

Used in Medicine

Soil is also used in different medications. The reason for this is because the soil contains microbes which kill bacteria. Because of this, it is good to make antibiotics for bacterial infections and diseases. Other medicines made with soil include skin ointments, anti-tumor drugs, and tuberculosis drugs.

Used in Beauty Products

There are certain beauty products made with soil. Some beauty products made with soil include blush and foundation. However, clay soil can be found in toothpaste and facial masks.

Did you know, using a one-inch layer of small rocks, you can control the weeds in your yard and garden?

Also, they evaluate soil on two basic features including fertility and texture.

Do you know the three types of topsoil? They are sand, loam, and clay.