When Should I Pump My Septic Tank? Five Common Questions For The New Septic Tank Owner


The majority of homes today are connected to direct sewer lines that deal with wastewater removal and cleaning. However, many homes are still connected to septic tanks and rely on septic system cleaners to keep their homes safe and clean. Many homes have traditional systems buried under the yard but the popularity of above-ground septic pump setups and above-ground drain field plans is increasing. If you are interested in such a septic system, then you need to be sure you find an expert who is familiar with this type of septic system. If you are still looking for an appropriate contractor, try searching online or asking around your community for recommendations.

There are specialized steps that need to be followed to protect and maintain above-ground leach field, pump and drain systems, and above-ground septic field components. It is a complicated process and everything has to work just right or there could be wastewater backing up into your home. This is not the time to cut corners and save a few dollars. Investing in quality septic system repair and maintenance is critical to protecting your home and your family. Call your local plumbing professionals today to learn more!

When was the last time you pumped your septic tank? The answer isn’t always easy.

Some homeowners are experienced with septic tank pumping and have a set schedule. Others are not quite so sure when to get started and end up losing valuable time. Finding this happy balance is best done with a septic tank service. While it can sound like a lot of trouble calling a professional, they can help you with the ins and outs of monthly maintenance. They’ll save you time, money, and keep you from dealing with a last-minute flood.

Got clogs? How about leaks? Learn about proper septic tank treatment by reading below.

How Many People Use A Septic System?

The septic tank is a staple of many American homes. According to a recent estimate on the matter, one quarter of households today rely on a septic tank. The minimum amount needed for a four-person, two-bedroom household is a 1,000 gallon tank. It’s possible this will need to be expanded if you keep experiencing pumping difficulties. Recent data from the EPA states more than four billion gallons of wastewater are dispersed below the ground surface daily.

How Much Water Does The Average Household Use Today?

The amount of activity in your home will change how often you pump your septic tank. On average, a single family home will use around 70 gallons of water per person every day. Overall, the four factors that impact the frequency of your septic tank pumping are the number of people in the household, the amount of wastewater generated, the volume of solids, and the size of the tank. A septic tank service is helpful if you’re inexperienced. They will fill in the gap by giving you an overview of your tank’s capabilities.

How Often Should I Be Pumping My Septic Tank?

As explored above, the frequency of your septic tank pumping depends on several factors. The average amount of time is between three to five years, according to the EPA. If you find yourself pumping year after year, this is a sign you might need a larger tank to accommodate your house’s size. A garbage disposal that is frequently used, additionally, will increase the amount of solids in your septic tank by 50%. A few lifestyle changes might be needed to reduce the strain.

What Causes A Septic Tank To Become Clogged?

Are you having difficulty pumping your septic tank? Does it seem to back up or become clogged at a moment’s notice? You’ll need the aid of a professional to look into the piping and make sure nothing is stuck inside. This is a common issue among households that aren’t disposing their waste properly, such as flushing pads or using the garbage disposal too frequently. Septic tank treatment is more common than you realize and a useful buffer in your busy workweek.

Should I Look Into A Septic Tank Service?

If you’ve been dealing with a clogged septic tank — or just have some questions about a new tank size — reach out. A septic tank service is always ready to provide you with the best in today’s plumbing and cleaning expertise. A septic tank pumping professional will also keep you aware of state laws. The state of Illinois, for example, requires that all piping more than five feet from a building’s foundation used for waste water be considered part of a septic system. Write down a list of questions so you’re prepared when visited by your local pro.

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