When Was the Last Time You Tackled a Remodeling Project in Your Home?


Everything old is new again.

Sort of.

When you walk into your kitchen you realize that it is a little charming that the countertops that you spent a small fortune on 21 years ago are now back in style. It is not charming, however, that your 21 year old kitchen cabinets and wood floor have not been updated in the last two decades. And while you finally have taken the time and set aside the money to get the wood floor refinished, the worn and dated cupboards really do date the space. At least three of the doors never completely shut, and simply hang part way open. The hinges are a factor that you have not liked from the first day that you saw them. Even now when you walk into anyone else’s kitchen you look for hinges and are beginning to wonder if your home is the only one without hidden hinges.

Once the wood flooring is refinished you are really going to start focusing on the cupboards and replacing them. You know that this will be one of the most expensive changes you need to make, but when you realize that some of your friends and family have gone through two or three kitchen renovations in the last two decades, you know that it is finally time that you tackle this first one.

Kitchen Renovations and Other First Floor Remodeling Efforts Can Add Value to Your House

Whether you are looking at kitchen remodeling or other improvements to your home, it is important to remember that when you make quailty investments in both the materials and the workmanship you can get a really nice return on investment (ROI). Getting started with what can be a rather complicated process, however, is a real challenge for many home owners who have not made any updates in the past.

For many property owners, woking with an interior designer can help jumpstart the process. It can, however, also accelerate the price, but if you are at a loss about how to get started then you might find working with a designer a valuable option.

Moving outside of the kitchen and to a different level of your home, another popular update and renovation for many people is to finish or remodel a basement. In some homes, in fact, an updated basement can add a significant percentage of living space to a home. In a ranch, in fact, the basement often serves as 50% of the space in your home. In a two story, in comparison, the basement can still add 33% more living space to your home. And while there was a time when basements were merely an afterthought for storage and teenage televisions watching, this is no longer the case. Today. the best basement renovations include upgrades like entertainment centers, small kitchens, and bar areas. In fact, some of the latest research from Home Advisor indicates that the average basement remodel can have up to a 70% (ROI).

Quality Craftsmanship Is Always a Great Investment

Whether you are considering kitchen renovations like new cabinets or an entire basement remodel, it is always important to make sure you purchase the highest quality items you can afford and hire a skilled contractor. Knowing that you have made the best change possible will make the process of remodeling more bearable. Obviously, a home remodeling project is a disruption, but knowing that it will take nearly as long to install an inexpensive set of cupboards as it does a highly crafted set can provide you enough reason to go for the top of the line options.
The fact of the matter is as many as 85% of the country’s homes were built before the year 1980 and are in need of home improvement. This means that if you have let the renovations overwhelm you, you are not alone. Whether you have never considered kitchen renovations before because of the expense or the effort that it will take, however, it can be comforting to now that as many as 80% of home owners had upcoming plans for home improvement projects, according to HomeAdvisor’s 2017 True Cost Report.

Not quite everything that is old is new again.