Home Improvement Projects Can Come With Many Challenges


You had your kitchen cabinets painted in June and it was one of the worst experiences you have dealt with as a home owner. It has been about three months and you have a new chip on the cabinets everyday. The contractor you hired told you that his workers would sand, they did not. He said they would put three coats on, they did not.

When you contacted him and told him of the yellowing you saw coming through because they did not sand sent out a team to work on the problem. Unfortunately, they came over with rollers and rolled cabinets that had been previously been sprayed. Anyone who is good at painting should know you do not roll sprayed cabinets. The purpose of spraying is to have a good, smooth finish. Instead of dealing with the problems correctly, the hung the doors, saw yellowing, and rolled those cabinets as well.

Because there is no top coat there are chips from everyday wear and tear. You have two young children and you watch dogs in your home, but there is nothing going on that is overly harsh on the cabinets. the other day you simply wiped some food off with a wet cloth and paint came off with the food. When you painted the cabinets yourself in our old house you had maybe two minor chips in five years.

When you sent a written complaint to the contractor detailing the problems you received an email making excuses. He should have returned your money and apologized. His workers were talking horribly about people and their lifestyles. You told the contractor about this as well and the contractor said he fired the guy who was talking that way. You know, of course, that all three were saying horrible things so how would you pick one to fire.

You originally hired this contractor because you had heard good things about him, but your experience was awful. He is not a good business man, or person for that matter. You are very detail oriented you are more than frustrated about the money that you have spent on this cabinet remodeling project.

To make matters worse, the last week of summer you found out that you are going to need to purchase a replacement water heater in your basement.

Contractors Can Determine the Success or Failure of a Project

Whether you are planning for a kitchen cabinet remodeling project or the installation of new water heaters, the contractor that you hire can determine how successful your project will be. And while all kinds of home improvement projects are important, it is especially important to make sure that the plumbers you hire are trustworthy. Any time you have workers in your home you put yourself and your property in a vulnerable situation. For these reasons, whether you are hiring emergency plumbers for an unexpected leak or you are looking for routine plumbing service, it is important that you carefully check references, in eluding the local Better Business Bureau.

Emergency plumbers can be especially problematic if they are not knowledgeable about the work that they are doing. A poorly completed project can lead to expensive and extensive damage later on. And while the need for emergency plumbers require quick action, finding one that is the most trusted and experienced is essential.

The average family in America uses more than 300 gallons of water every day at their home. Very often, this water use, though wasteful, occurs without event. There are times, however, when an unexpected leak can lead to the need for emergency plumbers to avoid more costly damage. Even when you are not having an emergency, it can be in your best interest to contact a local, trusted plumber to avoid future issues. In fact, experts recommend draining and removing the sediment from a water heater at least once a year. Without a proper plumbing inspection, you may not be aware of the current situations in your home that could lead to bigger and more expensive problems down the line. Plumbers, like all contractors, can add value to your property, but it is important to choose wisely.