Need Help With Moving? Office Moving Companies Will Make Sure You Reach Your New Place In One Piece


Moving is a messy business. It’s a lot of labeling, packaging, and carrying things back-and-forth. A rite of passage when moving from one place to another is losing at least a few things.

What if you could finish up a move without losing a knick-knack or breaking a vase? It’s no mere dream, but a reality that comes with experienced movers. The average furniture delivery company has more than enough professionals to see you through your next life transition. They’ll pack up your fragile objects carefully, move your heaviest furniture, and double-check to make sure you get everything into your new home. Been a while since you last moved?

Local furniture movers have their work cut out for them. Look below and internalize a few tips on how to move safely and successfully.

More Americans are packing their bags and looking for greener pastures these days. The housing crisis has never truly left, particularly in large cities where rent increases are common and space is scarce. The average American will move around 12 times in their life — this probability increases depending on their educational level, budget, and whether or not they have children. By the time an American reaches 30 years old they will have moved at least six times. This is likely not your first move, but it doesn’t have to be.

The more studies come out about moving, the more prudent it is to reach out to moving companies. According to the 2016 Current Population Survey Annual Social And Economic Supplement, 11% of the population moved between 2015 and 2016. Some cities are proverbial ghost towns, while others are starting to hit maximum capacity. Seattle had a net gain of 21,000 people back in 2016 — that’s as many as 55 new people a day! By comparison, New York City and San Francisco are starting to see more people leaving than visiting.

The reasons behind seeking out new places are incredibly varied. According to a study on moving habits, around 65% of the population has moved to a new community at least once in their lives. Another 35% have never left their hometown. Renters tend to move the most, with a recent study cementing 35% will pack their bags and seek out a new place every year. Whether you’re moving for school-related reasons or just need a change of pace, help with moving is essential. It’ll save you time in your already strapped schedule.

Nobody wants to arrive at their new place with a mess to sort out. Moving expenses will amount to very little in the long run when it comes to saving you time. Some of the most common complaints with moving to a new place include unpacking, broken items, and struggling with interior design. Not only can a local moving company help with moving, they can also ensure everything is placed where it needs to be. No more shoving extra furniture into the garage for months on end!

Moving furniture is a full-time job. Next time the road calls to you, consider asking a few professionals to help with moving efforts. Jot down a list of all the items you have, sorting them by their weight, size, and material (fragile or sturdy). Try to find a schedule that works for you — recent statistics show Fridays to be the busiest days in the moving industry, with 20% of moves occurring on a Friday. Most Americans also choose to move in the summer for the agreeable weather and long days.

There’s no shame in asking for help with moving. Reach out to your Bellevue movers and ask about their winter rates.