House Painting 4 Reasons to Consider Using a Brush

Are you aware that color affects human perception, mood, and performance? This is why objects rich in color tend to be more attractive than others and seem to be of higher value even when it’s not necessarily true.

The effect of color on human behavior is astonishing. In Europe, some prisons paint the cells of aggressive inmates pink in a bid to calm their aggression. Yes, It does work to some extent. Each color has a unique physiological effect on humans.

This is why interior decor designers are more deliberate on the colors they use today. For instance, in a paint color analysis done by Zillow’s in 2017, it was found that home buyers would pay up to $5,400 more than expected for houses with blue bathrooms.

The color and quality of paint in your house can affect how happy or how comfortable your family is. As such, it is important to retouch your eco friendly paint after some time. At times, you may not have the resources to hire a contractor or rent or purchase spray equipment.

This, however, does not mean your house can’t get the restoration it needs. All you have to do is purchase your non-toxic paint and go at it the old fashioned way with a paintbrush. Read on to find out crucial insight into painting your house and why it’s better to use a paintbrush.

Go for Anti Radiation Paint

Some functions of the body, rely on chemical reactions and electrical impulses to work. Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can affect the chemical and electrical impulses with your body, thus affecting how it functions.

As technology advances and humans rely more and more on electrical appliances, exposure to EMF has been gradually increasing. Fortunately, by using anti radiation paint, you can protect your family from EMF. This is a type of paint that uses nickel to create a shield against harmful EMR, VLF, and ELF radiation.

Here are the benefits of using a paint brush

Conserves Paint

Manufacturers estimate that a gallon of anti radiation paint is sufficient for a 400 square foot surface. However, when using spraying techniques, hitting that target is next to impossible as a lot of paint is lost in the air.

When using a paintbrush, there is minimal waste. This can save you a lot of money if you are painting a large area as a gallon of paint can cost up to $ 50.

Little Prep Work Required

Paint-spraying requires a lot of prep work, which involves trapping and masking of the floors, furniture, and just about everything in the room. A canvas drop cloth below your work area is still necessary when using a paintbrush. However, that’s just about it. If you have a steady hand, you can paint near the windows without masking them.

You Can Take Breaks as You Like

Spray painting involves long working sessions as the job must be finished in one swoop. This is because preparing and cleaning spray equipment at the end of every session is tedious.

On the other hand, painting with a brush is less tedious as you can break up your work into smaller time frames to suit your availability.

Easier to Focus on Problem Areas

There are some areas that are difficult to paint, especially on the exterior of the house. This results in show-through as only a thin coat of paint is applied. With a paintbrush, it is easy to add an extra layer of non toxic paint on such areas.

In Conclusion

Honestly, the old school way of painting a house can take longer. However, if you break up your work in sections and use big brushes for large areas and buy proper paint sheens, you will finish in no time.

Painting by brush can be very gratifying. If you use the right tools and anti radiation paint, you can add character to your home at a fraction of the cost while enjoying yourself.