Trimming and Removing Trees and Shrubs


What does proper landscaping look like? Landscaping is an important factor for any property, may it be an apartment or house or a place of business, and an attractive front lawn can make great impressions on guests. A homeowner can and should invest in landscaping not only for their own enjoyment, but to make the property more appealing to home buyers, too. Hardscaping involves man-made products such as retaining walls, swimming pools, wooden decks, and concrete patios, while greenery can range from planting grass to growing a flower garden to planting trees and shrubs. Homeowners and business owners alike can hire tree and shrub trimming crews to keep their lawns looking good, and tree pruning services can be found just about anywhere. Now, what are the benefits to planting such greenery, and what if it’s time to remove dead or dying old trees to make room for something new?

The Power of Greenery

Plants are not to be underestimated. Trees and shrubs serve many purposes, such as keeping the soil healthy, cleaning the air, protecting the property from the elements, and adding natural beauty to the landscape. On the financial side, it’s a good call to add such plants and hire tree and shrub trimming crews to maintain them; studies show that investing just 5% of a property’s value in landscaping can yield a ROI (return on investment) of 150% or so. Put another way, if tree and shrub trimming crews are hired to keep the greenery in shape, these plants can boost a property’s value as much as 14%. And it’s not just for looks or the money; these plants keep the soil from drying up and scattering into dust, and if bark dust is added, then the soil may last even longer and retain its moisture (different companies have to be hired to add bark dust). During summer, trees can shade a house from the sun and thus ease the strain on the air conditioner, which saves money, and in winter, those trees can help break up cold winds.

Tree and Shrub Trimming

Who should take care of a homeowner’s landscape? Some homeowners have a “green thumb”, and like to take care of their flower gardens or vegetable patches or shrubs on their own. This saves money and can be quite fun and rewarding, though some homeowners (especially those with large properties) might not have the time or interest for that. So, they can hire gardeners, and enjoy a well-trimmed and maintained lawn and garden when they come back home. This is especially important when they take trips and can’t trim the trees or shrubs on their own. A homeowner can look up gardening services online and compare a few different companies in the area, and view videos, articles, and photos on their websites to compare their work, and choose the right company for their needs. Many landscaping companies not only offer tree and shrub trimming services, but can also add these plants onto a property.

Tree and Shrub Removal

There are good reasons to add such greenery to a property, but sometimes, they must be removed. For example, a lot may have its building torn down and the land is put up for sale, but dead tree stumps and dead shrubs are still there, getting in the way. When someone buys the land for development, they’ll need those stumps and shrubs gone, so they can hire tree removal services. Such workers can remove tree stumps in a variety of ways, such as bringing over a large machine to grind up the tree stump into wood chips to haul away with ease. In other cases, a crew will dig up the tree stump and expose its roots, then wrap it in chains and have a powerful vehicle tear the stump free and drag it away. Care should be taken, though, so the diggers don’t damage pipes or underground cables. If the tree roots have grown around or into those man-made features, that will take some extra time and care to handle, but it can be done. And on a related note, these crews can also dig up dead or dying shrubs and remove them, and they can clear away brush such as tree branches or dead leaves.