Learn How Bricks Are Made


In this video, you will learn about how a brick is made. Bricks are made of shale, a light weight rock that splits into layers. Shale needs to be exposed to elements for two years.

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This bleaches it and makes it easier to process when it gets to the factory. A screen sifts the shale that needs more grinding. The shale powder is sent to a compound that processes it. The gray shale can be fired and will turn into a red brick. If the mixture is coated with sand, it will turn out a different color. A giant slap of brick is made, but a giant blade comes down and slices them. Each brick is “23. The next job is stacking the bricks. A machine first separates them. Using inflating bags, the bricks are grasped and raised. They are raised after this. Meanwhile, all of the water in the bricks are starting to evaporate. The dryer gets its hot air from the kiln. A kiln is a giant oven. It is interesting to learn how a brick is made. Keep watching this video for more information and how to learn more about this process.