How Can You Repair a Damaged Roof


Are you curious how the local roofers perform repairs on marred plywood decking caused by a leaking roof? In this video by Aurum Roofing, you’ll see a detailed demonstration of the steps involved in repairing damaged roofing plywood. The step-by-step demo will make it easy for you to understand the entire reconstruction process.

To begin, you will be needing a handheld drill, hammer, claw bar, circular saw, framing nails, marker pen, and chalk line, to name a few.

Start by removing the felt underlayment in preparation for the work. Take out the plastic or metal caps first to make the process simpler.

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Then, mark the Y studs by using a chalk line. You can easily find the Y rafters or studs by using the existing framing nails as a guide.

The next step is to mark both the top and bottom X lines using the chalk line again. The marks should form an exact 90-degree angle, so you must use a straight edge to be your guide, such as the bottom or top roof edge.

For the following steps, you will need to watch how they do it in the video.

After watching the entire video and you still find the process too complex for you to do yourself, you can always hire the services of local roofers. Just make sure that the contractor is reputable, licensed, insured, and experienced enough to work on your damaged roof.