What Should You Expect When Replacing Your Roof


This video shows the best way to replace your roof. This video talks about the steps to replacing your roof, including the materials and cost. The video discusses how to engage with your roof replacement contractor. The video specifically mentions that if something is not written on the contract, do not expect it to be done.

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One of the most essential steps on the first workday is to set up the site, including tarps to protect the ground. They use the tarp to capture all of the debris, so things like roofing nails are not all over the ground. A good roofing company takes great care to protect the site and your house while they are working. Site protection should be in your contract.

You must have the proper safety gear for the roof. The steeper the pitch is for the roof, the more equipment you should have.

The next step includes putting down an ice and water shield to protect your roof from ice during the winter. The intent of your roof is to remove water from the roof.