What to Expect From a Composite Deck Install


This video is an episode of This Old House showing how to install a composite deck. The composite deck builder company is building a deck with materials made from recycled wood products and polyethylethylene. Polyethylethylene is commonly found in water bottles.

Video Source

The builders decided to use composite because it is a recycled material and it is durable. It requires little maintenance and remains stylish. The wood planks are assembled by putting clips in grooves. The clips are then screwed into the groove. A nail gun is used to drive the screws into the clip. The clips allow the planks to be spaced appropriately. The video shows planks being placed and attached with a nail gun.

The video also shows that when you get to the edge of the decking, your last piece, or plank, may need to be a smaller size. A saw is used to cut a plank down to the correct size. It should slide in place with the cut side going toward the house. Stainless steel screws are used to hold the last plank in place.