Everything You Need to Know About Erosion Control


Erosion control is a crucial part of making sure that all of your soil is protected from environmental factors out of your control. Now that we know that erosion control is important, what is erosion? Erosion refers to the process of soil being moved due to rain or wind. When this happens not only is the original area where the soil sat affected, but so is the new area that the soil was moved to.

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Let’s look at some ways to protect your soil.

One way to protect your soil from erosion is by planting cover crops. Cover crops will help to strengthen the soil and give an added layer of protection. Another way to protect your soil is to lay mulch. Mulch has many benefits, for example, it will help to stop weeds. Weeds will weaken your soil and make it more susceptible to erosion. Mulch also helps to conserve moisture. This is important because if there is heavy rain, your soil will have an added layer of protection and will be able to handle more water. Overall, these were some quick and easy ways to protect your soil and control erosion.