How Does Commercial Plumbing Work?


Most homeowners are familiar with the basics of a residential plumbing system, but a commercial plumbing system is very different. If you are curious about how commercial plumbing works, like most of us, keep reading to learn more!

Commercial plumbing systems are used for public places such as public the theater or a restaurant. these systems differ from residential systems in a few ways, but the biggest difference is the number of fixtures.

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In your home, you have one toilet per bathroom and one sink per bathroom plus your kitchen sink. In public spaces, restrooms have multiple toilets, urinals, and sinks, making the plumbing much more complicated. For example, if a public restroom has five sinks, there are five separate water lines. The same is true for toilets and urinals.

Another difference for commercial plumbing jobs is they use copper piping. Copper piping is thicker than piping used in residential plumbing jobs which makes it hold up better for public spaces.

If you are still curious about how commercial plumbing works or if you want to know more about the installation process for commercial plumbing, watch the video above!