How Much do Carpet Cleaners Cost?


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Carpet cleaning can revitalize rooms in your houses, but you are probably concerned about cost. this video will explain how a contractor will charge you for your carpet cleaning price.

Usually, the price will be based on the square footage of the carpet. Commercial carpet cleaning will cost less per square foot because of the larger area. Conversely, residential homes will have a heftier square footage cost, but less area to clean.

The type of carpet also matters. Residential carpets are usually plusher, while commercial buildings will have more durable roll cuts. This will determine the way the carpet is cleaned, and may factor into the cost.

There will also be an hourly rate depending on how long the project takes. So the entire formula for the job will be the square footage of the carpet multiplied by the hourly rate. It’s as simple as that.

There may be separate prices for different methods of cleaning, but that is something you can discuss with the carpet cleaning service before the job is done. If you are looking for more information on carpet cleaning services and pricing, follow the link above or watch the video. Good luck with your carpet cleaning!