Which AC is Right for You?


The weather can become unbearably hot in the summertime in many parts of the country. Thankfully, most of us can retreat back into our cool homes at the end of the day. If you you don’t have an air conditioning unit, or if you need yours replaced, consider calling your local contractor about air conditioning installations. You will be thankful that you did.

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Not to mention, these air conditioning systems will also add value you to your home. Nobody wants to buy a home without an AC. In this video, you will learn about your AC options.

The first type of AC is the Central Air Conditioner. These are the most common type of air conditioner. They circulate cool air through various ducts throughout your house. The ducts let the cold air into rooms via vents in the walls, floor, and ceiling. This type of AC also helps dehumidify the air.

Another type of AC is the Ductless Mini Split. The Ductless Mini Split provide the advantages of a Central Air Conditioner without the ductwork. These units uses an AC or heat pump to move air from the inside and outside. This system is very easy to control.