FAQS on Septic Tank Cleaning, Answered


As seen in the ‘How Clogged Septic Tanks Are Deep Cleaned’ video, a deep septic tank cleaning is vital. A clogged septic tank, if left untreated, may overflow your toilet. A dirty septic tank can cause serious health problems and even make you sick.

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Below are tips on how to deep clean a clogged septic tank.

First, before you do anything in trying to undertake septic tank cleaning, make sure that all of the old materials are removed from the tank. The old materials can plug up any holes when flushed down your drain. They create an overflow that causes flooding in your house.

An overflowing septic tank can cause many problems in the long run and cost a fortune to fix. For instance, you are stuck with an overflow of nasty waste oozing through your roof into your basement. This can seriously damage property or, worse yet, you. Take care of the problem quickly, before the damage worsens.

Septic tanks are buried underground to avoid pumping the untreated waste into nearby water sources. Deep septic tank cleaning may be necessary if water has spilled over the edge of the tank. You may also require a deep cleaning if there is an unusual amount of waste in the bottom of the tank.