Nine Ways to Prepare for Moving Into Your New Home This Summer

to do list before moving into a new home


The summer months seem like a great time to plan for your move. The weather is warm, has long days, and plenty of time to prepare. Take this opportunity now if you do not want to live in a dump again this winter. Now is the time to plan for a safer, happier move with minimal hassle. The following is a to do list before moving into a new home.

Do Some Research and Plan Ahead

Planning is the first element of the to do list before moving into a new home. First of all, you must have a good idea about how much your new home will cost. Ensure you also determine how much room it will require on the property. It would help if you also got an estimate about the amount of work needed before moving in. Ensure you assess if there are structural issues that need fixing or new appliances. You can consult reputed local builders to help you with this.

Although it might be difficult, you must put in extra time and effort to look at nearby amenities and services. Look at significant community assets such as parks, sports centers, restaurants, food basket delivery service providers, cafes, etc. Check out what sort of economy and job opportunities are available. You should also find out about common complaints in the area. Find out if there are any problems with crime, traffic, trash, and noise. Do some research about the local community groups, schools, and police services.

Correctly pack all possessions with protective and transport boxes or bags. Make sure all valuables are packed away and kept in a safe place. Ensure that you have enough packing materials such as newspaper, boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. In addition, you must have enough tape and bubble wrap to secure random items that might be accidentally bumped around when driving over bumps in the road.

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Make a Moving Checklist and Schedule

Creating a to do list before moving into a new home will help you move smoothly. It would help if you took care of various moving checklist items before moving into your new home. They include cleaning and decorating the new house, setting up the air condition system, checking out utilities, and packing, among other vital things.

Ensure you adequately plan for the process by creating a well-detailed to do list before moving into a new home. Now is also an excellent time to review the items you need to source or buy after moving into your new home. Ensure you have all you need to accommodate the things that need to be purchased or found before moving day arrives. You can store them in storage units on your property until they are required.

Do not forget to list all the things you are taking on the to-do list before moving into a new home. Ensure you register them and get an inventory when they arrive at your new home. It is also crucial that you have enough money to pay the moving truck driver after bringing your belongings into your new place.

Get a Blueprint of the New Home

A walkthrough is a crucial aspect of the to do list before moving into a new home. You should have a look at your new home before moving day arrives. With this, you will know where to locate things or how large rooms are. If you are moving into an existing home, you may want to look at their blueprints. Ask the previous owners about the topography of the property. You may not have to do this if you move into a brand-new home or rent.

However, it would help to look at your new home before moving day arrives. A walkthrough of your new home will help you know that everything inside conforms to your needs and preferences. It will also help you assess the need to make necessary changes, such as investing in new windows in the new home.

The arrival of a new structure promises to bring many joys and celebrations. However, with this new living space comes the need to keep your old room in order. You cannot just get rid of your old furniture and then move back into it or overload it. Things like toasters, microwaves, cutlery sets, and anything that one might use daily should be left in their original positions not to redo all your work.

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Inspect the New Home With the Help of a Professional

Many people overlook a professional home inspection on their to do list before moving into a new home. However, inspecting a prospective property before moving in is critical for buying or renting. Home inspectors are professionals who identify issues after performing an in-depth inspection of the home’s interior and exterior. Pests, poor insulation, and rotten wood are the most common problems.

It would help if you undertook various assessments in a new home. When you hire a home inspector to inspect your current home, discuss everything they need to check. For instance, a septic tank inspection is crucial in assessing if the septic tank is in good shape. It would be best to have a trained eye that looks for less apparent clues to identify structural issues.

Once you find an inspector you believe will provide you with a valuable service, arrange to visit your property for a preliminary inspection. This will allow the inspector to determine precisely what types of damage need to be repaired or replaced. In this way, they will create a comprehensive inspection report that identifies previous damage to your property. You can then use this information to find improvements before your new home. Additionally, determine what the cost of repairs will be.

Get a Suitable Moving Truck

Another important consideration on the to do list before moving into a new home is to seek lease moving truck companies. You should hire a suitable moving truck if your new house is far away. A moving truck will help you transport all your heavy belongings and furniture over long distances. The trucks for rent also come in handy if it is too late to contact local movers and helpers. You must make sure the moving truck has a good driver.

In addition, you must get to check over the vehicle before hiring it. Check that they are adequately insured and licensed to carry passengers and freight. Find out if they have a GPS or other navigational equipment on board. Also, make sure they are willing to care for any problems or unexpected situations. Moving to a new home should be as easy and stress-free as possible. You want the process to be safe, seamless, and straightforward. There are many moving companies available.

Ensure you pick one that fits your needs to hassle-free the moving process. For a reputable and reliable moving or truck company, consider hiring cost-effective services with extensive experience. The first thing to decide is if you want international or local movers. People use international movers for cross-country moves. The services allow easier access and lower prices because of less gas needed for travel. You can use local movers if your location has a state or provincial boundary.

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Familiarize With Local Amenities and Service Providers

This is one of the overlooked factors on the to do list before moving into a new home. However, it is also essential to check out amenities and service providers in your area. Make sure it is near a supermarket, a school, and a community center. Also, ensure you can easily access reliable service providers such as a plumbing contractor, among other crucial home services companies, before moving in.

It would help if you made sure the new location will have enough parking spaces for your car and your furniture and at least one utility room. You need to ensure a reliable mail delivery service in your new neighborhood. Check if there are affordable taxi services or public transport services available. Ensure you also find out what local or neighboring businesses are open. It is also essential to determine when the rubbish disposal service will be coming around and when the garbage collection will occur.

A to do list before moving into a new home is an extremely commonly used technique for planning out the day. When you are moving into a new or unfamiliar place, familiarizing yourself with local service providers before moving into a new home can save time and effort. Specialized services are also essential to consider. For example, suppose you are moving into a coastal area with saltwater. Remember that sand may fill up pipes with salt, and you may need to replace them.

Secure Your Home

One of the things you should not ignore on your to do list before moving into a new home is the new home’s security. The moving process is an excellent time to ensure that your home is adequately secured. Along with sorting through boxes and unpacking your belongings, you must ensure that your new place is safe and secure before you get too settled in. This should include taking inventory of all of the doors in the house to see if any locks need replacing or repairing.

If the locks need fixing, you should fix them before moving in. You may think it will be easier to do it after the move. However, you will likely have a more challenging time doing so after too late. It would help if you made sure that there is a good lock on all doors and windows. To achieve this, you can consult local companies offering locksmith services. These professionals can help you choose and install a quality lock to enhance the security of your home.

You should also lock up all the keypad locks on your home if you get any. Ensure you check out the appliances and anything equipped with a keypad lock, such as washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers. Have all the doors locked outside and inside your new house to prevent break-ins or near misses.

Invest in New Equipment

Another consideration on the to do list before moving into a new home is investing in new equipment. For instance, an irrigation installation is essential for any contemporary home. It is necessary to make your new property as self-sufficient as possible. Without the system, you will not grow tomatoes, basil, and other crops quickly and efficiently.

Investing in the right equipment can save you time and money. It is worth it to buy a good quality product from a reputable company before moving into your new property or renovating it. Buying the right equipment will make your new property more self-sufficient and easier to maintain. For instance, a proper water purifier installation saves money.

The purifier is readily available at hardware stores, online, or at home improvement centers. You do not need to rely on a plumber’s service who might not know what they are talking about. A quality self-installation water purifier connects directly to the supply line of your home’s main faucet. It filters out sediment, chlorine, and other impurities in the water.

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Get a Moving Quotation from Local Movers/Helpers

Getting a moving quotation is also a crucial consideration on the to do list before moving into a new home. You must obtain a quote for local services from reputable companies. It would be best to get quotes from any local businesses known by the previous owners. You can also check out the local yellow pages.

Determine if there are any such services listed amongst the columns of movers and helpers. You can also ask your neighbors if they know any reputable companies that do similar services. You can also look online for free services to quote local moving and helpers. Ensure you go through the websites of independent moving companies to compare their prices.

Moving is no easy task. Relocating from one state to another, finding a new home, or simply packing up the old belongings and getting rid of them all can seem overwhelming. Before starting this phase, you will want to work on your to do list before moving into a new home. When preparing for the moving process, prioritize the tasks. First, focus on the big picture before breaking down each project into smaller parts.