Whats the Best Way to Clean Your Driveway?


When it comes to spring cleaning, not many people consider their driveway to be a primary concern. However, a clean and well-paved driveway can completely transform the look of your home. After all, every homeowner should strive to increase the curb appeal of their home in case they plan on selling. Driveway cleaning usually doesn’t require too much hard work either, so why not invest in a cleaning job that will last? There are a variety of approaches to cleaning your driveway, but some are clearly more effective than others. In this video, we will follow a creator as he tries out three different methods of cleaning a driveway.

Video Source

First of all, this creator tries these methods on a driveway stained with oil grease, and car fluid. The three different cleaning chemicals that the team try are Rustoleum degreaser, Tide laundry detergent, and BacKrete. One large oil stain in divided up to test each product. Clearly, BacKrete is the most expensive and worked the poorest on the stain. Second was Tide, which worked great but required a lot of scrubbing. Finally, the degreaser reigned supreme with its minor scrubbing and cost-effectiveness.