9 Home Tasks to Do Before Moving Out


Moving to a new home or place of residence can be an exciting time for some, especially if you are moving by choice or due to a recent career transition. If you are planning for a move, calling the right service professionals from movers to exterminators is highly recommended to help streamline the process form start to finish. Whether you’re interested in hiring local exterminators to assist with preparing your home for a move or if you are looking to rent a storage unit, there are a few resources and home tasks to do to familiarize yourself before your big moving date arrives.

1. Plan Early

One of the best home tasks to do to feel at ease while minimizing your stress levels as you prepare for a move is to plan as early as possible. As soon as you know that you are moving to a new home or location, it is a great idea to get started with the planning process. Once you begin planning your move ahead of time, you can determine if you will be searching for and reserving storage units or if you will be hiring professional exterminators to help around the house.

Benefits of Planning for a Move Early

Taking your time to plan for home tasks to do ahead of time is a way to alleviate stress that is commonly associated with the process of moving itself. When you know what to expect and which resources to call on in your time of need, you are less likely to feel caught off-guard or even overwhelmed at the prospect of moving yourself or even your entire family and household to a new location. When you are prepared for a move, you can also face unexpected obstacles and challenges that come your way much easier and with a clear mind.

2. Pack Ahead of Time

After you have decided to plan for your move early, you can get started on home tasks to do by packing ahead of time. If you feel overwhelmed at the mere thought of packing your entire home immediately, don’t fret. Simply start in one room and complete each section of a room at a time to prevent yourself from becoming too distracted or hopping around from one location to the next. If you feel extremely bombarded with the idea of packing all of your own belongings on your own, you can also consider a local junk removal service or provider near you.

Working with a removal company that specializes in eliminating junk and clutter is similar to calling on a tree removal company when you have a tree in your yard that is dying or is no longer necessary. Having a bit of assistance when you want to get rid of all the junk in your home can expedite the process while helping you remain as focused as possible. If you want to find a removal company that eliminates junk and clutter from residential homes, you can do so by asking friends and colleagues who have experience with the services or by searching for solutions that are currently in operation near you online.

3. Sell Unused Goods

Selling your unused goods and furniture before embarking on your next move is highly recommended if you want to accumulate and safe as much money as possible for your transition. If you are wondering where to sell my jewelry, you have plenty of options both locally and online, depending on where you live. Knowing where you can go to sell your unused goods and furniture is a way to alleviate financial stress that may also be associated with the process of moving from one location to the next. Sorting these home tasks to do will be beneficial for you.

4. Remove Pests From the Home

One of the most essential home tasks to do is remove pests from any home or property you are placing for sale is imperative before you can relocate. Working with professional exterminators and pest control service providers is always advisable whenever you believe you have a serious pest infestation in the home that requires immediate attention. If you want to mitigate pest infestations or if you need to eliminate one before moving out, you can do so with the right extermination company or contractor in your area.

Advantages of Hiring an Extermination Company

Hiring a professional extermination company or working with trusted and credible exterminators in your community is always recommended if you believe you are dealing with pests in any capacity. Whether you believe your home has been infested by termites, ants, wasps, or even spiders, there is a pest company or contractor who can assist with eliminating them altogether. Professionals who specialize in the extermination of pests are also well-versed in different types of pests and treatments or solutions that are most likely to work best when it comes to eliminating them for good from your home or property.

5. Hire Mold Remediation Professionals

Similarly to hiring exterminators, hiring mold remediation companies may be one of the more necessary home tasks to do before moving to a new location if you believe the home you currently own has dangerous mold spores. Mold can quickly spiral out of control and become dangerous to anyone living in the home, even if they are otherwise fit and healthy. Understanding the risks of mold in the home is imperative even if you have plans of your own to list your home on the open real estate market in the near future.

Risks of Mold in the Home

Unfortunately, while not all mold spores are technically harmful to humans, most can cause lung infections, respiratory issues, and viral bacteria to spread. In some instances, black mold spores can also lead to neurological issues, memory loss, and in severe cases, even death. Knowing how to accurately identify and mitigate any mold issue you are experiencing in your current home is one of the most imperative home tasks to do if you are thinking of selling it and moving any time soon.

Finding the Right Mold Remediation Company

When you are searching for professional exterminators, one of the primary home tasks to do to verify that the mold remediation company that you choose to hire is legitimate, trustworthy, and authentic. You can find a trusted mold remediation company by researching reviews and BBB ratings online. It is also possible to find the right mold remediation company with the use of social media.

Referencing social media when searching for a mold remediation company can help you quickly become familiar with local resources and companies near you. Read reviews and testimonials from verified social media users to find a mold remediation specialist who is right for your needs before your moving date. You can also use social media to find mold remediation specialists who are not only well-versed and experienced in handling mold, but also understand the importance and value of customer service.

6. Retain Legal Counsel if Necessary

When it comes time to sell your home and the varying home tasks to do, you may want to retain legal counsel if you believe it is necessary to optimize the protection you have. Finding a real estate lawyer that works for you can assist you in the process of listing your home, showing it to prospective buyers, and ensuring you have conducted adequate inspections before moving to a new property.

If you experience issues with any service providers as you are in the process of preparing for a move, such as exterminators not conducting their jobs thoroughly, you can also turn to your legal counsel for help. Professional lawyers will work for you to ensure the process of selling your home and moving to a new location goes as smoothly as possible. In some cases, your real estate attorney may also work for you and mediate on your behalf, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your move and the transition you are adjusting to as you move into your new home or place of residence.

7. Hire Residential Moving Services

After using local junk pick up services to de-clutter your home and completing the packing process, it is important to take a bit of time to consider how you will be transporting your belongings and furnishings to your new home. Whether you have your own trucks you can use or if you will require help, determining how you will be moving from one location to the next is one of the most important decisions you will need to make any time you are relocating somewhere new. If you are in need of assistance during the actual move and want to ensure the process goes as smoothly and successfully as possible, you can do so by hiring professional residential movers.

Advantages of Hiring Residential Moving Companies

One of the home tasks to do is hire a local residential moving company is one of the easiest ways to streamline the process of moving out of one home and into another. Professional movers are well-versed in handling the movement and transportation of large pieces of furniture ranging from entire bed frames to oversized armoires. Additionally, when you choose to hire residential moving companies to assist you with your next move, you can do so rest assured knowing that they are a legitimate company and are licensed and insured.

The Importance of Licensing and Insurance for Residential Moving Companies

Moving your furniture and belongings to a new location is rarely without risk, especially if you are also transporting large items, such as bed frames, sofas, or even electronics, such as televisions and computer setups. When a residential moving company is not only licensed, but also insured, this will protect you as the client from potential damages, loss, or theft during the move itself. Always take the time to verify that any residential moving company or contractor you are interested in hiring for your own move is licensed and insured for the best outcome possible.

8. Prepare Your Home to Increase Your Chances of Receiving an Offer

When it comes time to get ready to move to a new home, you will want to prepare your current property to increase your chances of receiving an offer on your house or the land you currently own. Preparing your home to increase your chances of receiving a solid and suitable offer for your property can be done by painting the exterior and interior while making energy-efficient or modern upgrades to appliances and fixtures throughout. If you are unsure of where to begin when it comes to preparing your home for the real estate market, you can also turn to a trusted property management firm or agency near you for the assistance need.

9. Promote Your Home’s Listing

Once you have thoroughly prepared your home to list for sale, you can then begin promoting your home’s listing both locally and online. Using flyers, newspaper ads, and even street signs, promote an upcoming open house you intend to host in order to promote your property while increasing your chances of receiving an offer that is acceptable to you. If you want to promote your home’s listing to an even larger audience, you can also choose to do so online with the right online presence and a fitting marketing strategy in place.

Benefits of Promoting Your Home’s Listing Online

Promoting a real estate listing of a home online is a way to do so from anywhere with a working wireless internet connection. You can promote real estate home listings with the use of traditional online real estate directories, your own website, or with the use of social media. Accessing social media to promote a home’s recent listing can drastically increase the number of interested buyers you hear from once the listing is live.

Using your own social media to promote a local listing can expand your reach and audience. Social media also provides platforms for premium advertising opportunities. Utilizing social media to your advantage can help you in your attempt to garner as many high offers as possible for your home.

From hiring professional exterminators to working with a local storage unit company, there are a few tasks to take care of before planning your move to a brand-new home, apartment, or any type of residential unit you are interested in pursuing. The more time you spend familiarizing yourself with local exterminators and service providers, the easier it will be for you to plan the logistics of your next move. When you prepare for your next move ahead of time, you are less likely to find yourself stuck or stressed out along the way once the big moving date arrives.