3 Uses for Quarter Round Laminate Flooring


Quarter rounds are a molding style combined with baseboards to cover imperfections and gaps between the base and the floor. The style is that of a quarter of a circle, hence the name. You nail the quarter rounds to keep it in place as discussed in the video.

Hiding gaps and imperfections that occurred during the installation process is one of the primary uses of quarter rounds. To create a seamless appearance, quarter rounds will cover uneven edges and small spaces.

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The quarter round can be simple or have a decorative pattern. The use of quarter rounds shows a beautiful transition between the walls and the floor. You can buy ones that match the interior walls for neatness. Quarter rounds can either be made from wood, PVC, or MDF.

Quarter rounds protect the walls and the baseboard. It covers the edges of the laminate flooring to prevent damage. Chipping or damage can occur from vacuum cleaners, foot traffic, and other objects. Used on the staircase to cover the edges of each step to prevent injuries.

The use of quarter rounds is essential if you want to protect your laminate floor from damage and chipping. Giving your room a beautiful seamless finish by hiding any gaps and defects between the base and the floor is another great use of quarter round laminate flooring. You can also use quarter rounds for cabinet installations and an ascent for windows and doors.