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Top Tips to Keep Your Home From Eating Your Whole Paycheck

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As a child I was notorious for leaving the door open when I went outside to play. We lived in the DC area, a hot and humid part of the country, and my father would shout after me, “Close the door! I don’t want to cool the whole neighborhood!” Or in the snowy and cold winter, “Close the door! We’re not trying to heat the whole street!” I did not understand these things until I was a homeowner myself. Now, I am very conscious of energy efficiency and make every attempt to keep my cooling and heating bills as low as possible, not to mention maintaining my home in such a way as to minimize repairs. I don’t want to have to find someone to do a new roofing installation! Having said that, part of home ownership is the maintenance of the home, and the wise homeowner will know the phone number of a servic

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The Importance of a Professional Plumber for Plumbing Repairs

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Bathrooms are a necessary part of any home. They are used for many purposes, including washing, toiletries and for getting ready for the day. However, because bathrooms are used so frequently, they often require more repairs than other rooms in the house do.

Additionally, when a repair is needed in the bathroom, it often needs to be completely quickly, in order to continue using the bathroom. Bathrooms can need a variety of types of repairs, including plumbing repairs, faucet and leak repairs, toilet structure repairs and piping repairs. The entire bathroom is equipped with multiple piping to provide water to different areas of the bathroom. The piping is very important and should be consistently maintained and repaired. It may also need to be replaced after so many years of use.

Bathroom remodels ma

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5 Safety Tips Everyone Should Know Before Letting Their Dog Near the Pool

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Even though summer is coming to an end, it’s still prime swimming pool season. Whether you’re at home or bringing the family to grandma’s house, everyone should be able to go for a swim, even your beloved furry friends.
However, just as it’s important to put pool safety gates in place for children, there are certain safety tips you should keep in mind for your dogs, too. Here are five swimming pool safety tips for your pooches.
Make Sure Your Dog Knows How to Swim
This goes without saying, but some owners simply let their dogs go into the deep end without having any prior training. It’s importan

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5 Summer Lawn Care Tips and Why They Matter

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When asked about their thoughts on having a yard, 83% of Americans said they consider having a yard to be an important aspect of their lives. A full 90% of Americans who have yards believe its also important that a yard be well-maintained. A

What’s more: 97% of realtors consider landscaping to be among the top five home improvements they recommend. Why? Because they know that 63% of buyers are willing to pay a premium for a house or apartment if its located near green spaces. Having access to greenery is even more important to home buyers than being near good shopping (34% said they’d pay more for this benefit) and having local cultural venues (only 33% will pay more for culture).

Realtors and landscapers alike will tell you, homeowners can expect a 215% return on investment when they landscape th

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Renting Necessary Construction Equipment to Complete Your DIY Project

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Owning a home requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance. If you do not keep up with the proper maintenance, you are often left with bigger repairs that cost more and require more time. This is why it is important for a homeowner to keep up with preventative maintenance tasks. Most home and property owners know that they can reduce the costs of many home repair and preventative maintenance projects by doing it themselves. When you choose to complete a project on your own, you are only responsible for the cost of the supplies. You do not have to pay the labor for a contractor to complete the job. This is ideal for some jobs, while other should be left to the professionals.

A homeowner who chooses to complete a construction job on their own will need to ensure that they know what they are doing, are p

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