5 Safety Tips Everyone Should Know Before Letting Their Dog Near the Pool


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Even though summer is coming to an end, it’s still prime swimming pool season. Whether you’re at home or bringing the family to grandma’s house, everyone should be able to go for a swim, even your beloved furry friends.
However, just as it’s important to put pool safety gates in place for children, there are certain safety tips you should keep in mind for your dogs, too. Here are five swimming pool safety tips for your pooches.
Make Sure Your Dog Knows How to Swim
This goes without saying, but some owners simply let their dogs go into the deep end without having any prior training. It’s important that your dog can start out in a kiddie pool while it’s still a puppy to learn the necessary skills.
Personalities Determine Strong Swimmers, Not Breed
No matter what waterlogged breed your dog may be, it’s their personality that determines whether or not they’ll safely enjoy the pool. It’s important to keep your pooch outside of that pool safety fence if you know they’re not a strong swimmer.
Buy a Life Vet for Your Dog
Dogs, just like people, get tired out when they’re swimming. A dog life vest can save your dog’s life, not to mention make it easier for you to keep track of them in the pool or another large body of water.
Obedience Training is Key
Commands like “sit” and “stay” might not be important in the pool, but “come” certainly is. Whether a dog crashes through the pool gates or is simply getting tired out, they should always know when to get out of the water and be next to you.
Learn Pet CPR
Just like the most experienced diver can still suffer injury, even a dog who loves swimming can drown. It’s essential to know pet CPR in the case that your pet ever swallows too much water or ends up sustaining some form or swimming-related injury.
Pet safety around the pool is just as important as child safety. By keeping your pooches safe and well-trained around the pool, you’re looking out for the safety of everyone in the area.