5 Summer Lawn Care Tips and Why They Matter


The way your lawn looks has a lot to do with the way your house is perceived. If the lawn is messy, the whole property looks messy. If the lawn looks well-maintained, it makes the whole property look cared for. If you have grass that isn’t very green and doesn’t seem strong, you may need one of the local lawn care fertilization companies to come out and fertilize it for better growth. This at home lawn care can help make the entire lawn healthier.

You likely take care of some of the basic yard care, but frequent mowings and fertilizing may require that you call in a lawn care company to help. If you have all grass lawn care should be pretty simple for these companies. The by the yard lawn care that you hire should be able to do the edging of the lawn well so that it looks professionally cut. Your lawn should always look neat and clean so that you give others a good impression of your home. Your homeowners’ association likely has rules as well for keeping your lawn looking neat. When you hire a good company for your lawn, they can provide you with the service you need for years to come.

Landscape service

When asked about their thoughts on having a yard, 83% of Americans said they consider having a yard to be an important aspect of their lives. A full 90% of Americans who have yards believe its also important that a yard be well-maintained. A

What’s more: 97% of realtors consider landscaping to be among the top five home improvements they recommend. Why? Because they know that 63% of buyers are willing to pay a premium for a house or apartment if its located near green spaces. Having access to greenery is even more important to home buyers than being near good shopping (34% said they’d pay more for this benefit) and having local cultural venues (only 33% will pay more for culture).

Realtors and landscapers alike will tell you, homeowners can expect a 215% return on investment when they landscape their home before selling. From lawn care to tree trimming, a landscape service can upgrade your outdoor spaces unbelievably. Even if you aren’t planning to sell, landscaping will increase both your property and entertainment value. Over 50% of homeowners who upgrade their outdoor spaces spend at least six hours outside enjoying them per week. The top three activities they engage in: relaxing, gardening, and entertaining.

Don’t let a depressing landscape and poor lawn care keep you inside. Investing even 5% of your home’s value in landscaping services can net you a 150% ROI and unlimited hours of self-fulfillment. But don’t take our word for it: Start by following these five Summer lawn care tips this season and you’ll see what we mean.

  1. Let it grow

    Conventional wisdom may say less rainfall means you should keep your grass short, but the reverse is actually true. Denser grass requires less water. Letting your grass grow, allows its roots to stretch deeper into the earth where it can find more water. It also helps grass overpower those pesky weeds that are fighting for nature’s scarce resources in Summer. Lawn care experts recommend aiming for around four inches of grass in the Summer.
  1. Mow less with sharper blades

    As you already guessed, mowing less often during Summer is preferable. Try to cut your grass early or late in the day, when the sun isn’t at its strongest. Freshly cut grass is susceptible to sun damage, resulting in unsightly brown spots. Another way to help your lawn in summer is by sharpening your mower blades. Dull blades fray grass; frayed grass is more likely to brown.
  1. Let it munch some mulch

    You could bag those lawn clippings and cart them to your compost heap or recycle bin, or you could leave them be. Using a mulch mower is a great lawn care strategy for the dog days of Summer. As the mulch settles into your lawn, it will help trap more moisture, thus keeping your lawn hydrated and cool. And don’t think mulching is for Summer only: lawn care specialists say a mulching mower is always a good idea, but never more so than in Summer.
  1. Give your lawn its dose of water early

    Have you heard nutritionists advising us to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning? No? Well, lawn care specialists are seconding that for your lawn. While the it isn’t true that watering during the hottest part of the day will damage your lawn, it does make you susceptible to evaporation. Lawn care experts advise deep, infrequent watering in the morning so more water will be absorbed where you want it. How much water? For most lawns, an inch per week will suffice.
  1. Forget fertilizing

    In general, you can likely forgo fertilizing during Summer. If your lawn doesn’t look happy after you stop, try checking the soil before starting to fertilize. This will tell you if and what deficiencies your soil has and help you choose a better fertilizer. Always aim for time-release, organic fertilizers so you don’t inadvertently burn your lawn.

In summary

There are few investments you can make in your home that will provide a better return on investment than landscaping. Whether you’re planning to sell or simply want to enjoy the home you have, better landscaping and lawn care will make a world of difference.