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You’re Probably Wasting Energy Without Even Realizing

You would probably clutch your wallet if you knew how much energy waste was going on in your home. Leaks, unsealed windows and doors, dirty HVAC systems and HVAC systems that are so old they are sapping more energy but giving you poor results. It is not the end! You can unclench your wallet. Here, you can save your wallet by following these helpful steps.

The Hard Truths

You might have heard the tired saying from older generations,”old equipment works better, it was tougher,” somewhere along the lines. To be frank, it is all anecdotal. It is based on personal experience. Let’s put it this way: take any old piece of equipment, like an old cooling system and clean it up, maybe replace a few parts with stock pieces. It should run absolutely fine, might even give you a good few years. There is one problem though: it does not change a machine’s base efficiency.

Maintaining equipment is a must to keep it at peak performance, that goes with more modern equipment, too. Over

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