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When Was the Last Time You Updated a Room in Your Home?

Nothing like an impending weekend visit from Grammy and Papa to motivate you to get the house in shape. All of the spare time and energy has gone into the bathroom for the last month and somehow when one room is a mess it seems to explode into the rest of the house.
So far this weekend you cleaned up the 900 square foot basement that you had been avoiding since February, moved the shelves and folding table in the laundry room, and did the floors and emptied it of any spare laundry piles, cleaned both boys rooms with them. Mostly, you have been swapping out seasons for their clothes. The two most exciting things, however, are that you finally put all the boxed up stuff from the bathroom away into the cabinets and added some stick on wood panels in the laundry room. Hopefully you can also carpet clean the rugs in the entry and hall because they are still gross from the winter.

All of this work is being completed without telling the boys why they need to get their rooms in shape

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