Long distance movers hiring tips


If you are moving to a new home, the most important thing is finding the right movers. Moreover, if you are moving to another state, it is really advisable to find reliable, professional and trustworthy long distance movers. Ever since the industry has been deregulated, more and more companies registered themselves as long distance movers. The problem with this is that many of them lack the professional expertise and capabilities as long distance movers. Many of them simply have trucks that they rent out to customers and then they simply subcontract the move to other companies if they are required to do a full service move. In case of problems, the poor client would then have difficulty with their claims because other parties are now involved.

Aside from this, many of the long distance movers today scam their customers. The reason for this is that since the deregulation competition has become so stiff that many long distance movers are forced to offer their services at very low rate. Now, in order to profit from the service, they resort to scamming their customers. One of the most common scam is hidden and additional charges. In this, the long distance movers would usually call the customer to inform them that there are problems with the delivery of their belongings. They need therefore to pay additional charges or fee before their belongings can be delivered. The poor customer is then faced with the problem or paying the additional charges or filing complaint against the moving company. Most of the time the customers simply pay the moving company because they need their belongings to go to work and get on with their lives. Those who chose to complain finds that settlement will take weeks if not months. In the end, they too will agree to pay the additional.

Now, in finding a good and reliable long distance movers, one should check out the company in terms of how long it has been in the business and its services. If the company has been in the business for years it means that it is a legitimate moving company. Moreover, if it has been in the business for years, it means it has the professional expertise in moving. For example, its people are trained to pack and handle the belongings so that they will be protected while loading, during the move and when being unloaded from the delivery truck. It is also important to see if the company offers other services. This is because if they offer other services, it is less likely that they will subcontract the move or sell the deal to other moving companies. Some of the most common services that you should look for in moving companies are the different types of move that they offer and portable storage or Pods. You know that they have the capabilities if they offer these services.