Pods Let you Move Flexibly and Without Expense


Are you interested in the service of a commercial mover, but do not want to pay them thousands of dollars? Do you still want to move goods across long distances, and retain flexibility? If so, you may want to consider self storage and moving pods. These pods can do everything most commercial movers can do, but at a fraction of the cost. All you have to do is load the pod, secure it, and then transport it anywhere you like. You can even get climate controlled pods.

How do pods work? Well, pods are a descendant of the freight container, which international shipping companies have used for decades. The freight container, at first glance, is just a steel box. Paradoxically, its simplicity made it beautiful. These containers could travel by ship, as rail cars, or as tractor trailers, or just sit in a yard for storage. In most stages, containers could be stacked, and always moved seamlessly from one transport mode to another.

Moving pods have a similar idea as freight containers, but are scaled for your size. The idea is that you pack them, secure them, and then do what you feel is best with them. Perhaps you need to store a pod or two in your backyard or a dedicated lot. If you wish, you can load a pod onto a trailer, or have a discount long distance mover drive one for you. Whatever you decide to do, they are game for that.

Best of all, these pods are tough. Most pods are made of steel, are watertight, and can survive any weather conditions. Rain, sleet, ice, even severe weather are no match for them. For a little extra, you can even find a pod that is climate controlled, allowing you to move and store temperature sensitive goods.

So the next time you need to move something, skip expensive long distance movers. Instead, go with pods instead. Pods are not only easy to transport and store, but are also tough. With steel construction, pods are watertight, and can even be climate controlled. You can do everything large movers can do, and skip thousands of dollars and hours of frustration.