Are You Facing a Challenging Plumbing Situation at Your Home or Your Office?


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Eight years ago today you and your husband bought your first home.
You closed on the house and loaded up your two vehicles with a mattress, clothes, and a cooler, because, well, you did not have a fridge yet. Included in your possessions was your new puppy who also seemed excited to spend the first night in your new home. You were starting so many adventures, from a new home to a new fur baby, not to mention that you had just received the news that you were pregnant with your first son. Your lives were changing in so many big ways and big you had no idea what we were getting into.
Obviously, much has changed in the eight years since that time. From not only the birth of your first, but also your second, son, to understanding all of the responsibilities that are included in being a home owner, your lives are such a part of your house that you can hardly remember what life was like on that moving day. At first, you were so nervous about the responsibility, you were actually a little nauseous, thanks to the all day morning sickness you was blessed with. You also remember that you were mad because you were pretty sure that you would no longer be able to button any of your pants. In spite of the stress and nerves, however, you do remember how excited you was about the life you and your husband were starting to build in our new little home.
You are thankful for all the memories, love, and security you have had within these walls and you are so proud of the home you have made within this house, but you know that it was a definite learning curve. From understanding what kinds of work you could take care of yourself, to knowing when to call a plumber, an electrician, or another service provider, you feel as if you have learned a lot. And while few would say that home ownership is easy, it is most often worth the effort.
New and Experienced Home Owners Often Agree That Being a Home Porperty Requires a Significant Amount of Work
One of the many times that both new and experienced home owners make sure that they hire a professional is when they need the services of a plumber. For while some home projects can be tackled by amateurs, plumbing repairs and plumbing services are typically best completed by a licensed professional. Consider some of these facts and figures about the many times that home owners across the country look for professional plumbers and the services that they can offer:

  • 25% to 30% of household water use is accounted for by toilets.
  • Hiring a professional plumber to help you fix problems is important because as many as 10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons of water or more every single day.
  • The average indoor water use in a typical single-family home averages nearly 70 gallons of water per person per day.
  • Household size, septic tank size, total waste water generated, and volume of solids in wastewater are the four factors influence the frequency of how often a septic system needs to be pumped.
  • Taking the time to fix even minor leaks in a home can save home owners nearly 10% on their water bills.
  • Septic tank cleaning can be a difficult job, and one that many cities require to be completed by a licensed professional.

Whether you are a first time or an experienced home owner, it is important to know that while there are many repair and installation projects that you may be able to tackle yourself, there are also a number of other jobs that required a licensed professional. At the top of that list for many property owners is any project that can benefit from the assistance of a professional plumber.
Investing the money in hiring a professional plumber can help you find a reliable solution to the problems that you have, as well as make sure that you have plenty of time to spend with the other important parts of your life, including your children and your pets.